The Stages of Studying for Finals

The following may or may not have any correlation with observations in a café near a major university…

I’ve got so much work to do, I’m going to fail and my parents will disown me.

It’s OK, I can study, I can do this. I’ll study right after I check facebook.

My friends wrote on facebook that they will meet with me for a study session. I’m saved!

It’s way more fun to text message and talk about complicated relationships than study right now.

I’m screwed, the exam/paper is taking place/due tomorrow! I need to get to work!

This makes sense, I know this. Studying is working!

This makes no sense, I’m screwed. Studying isn’t working!

Everyone looks way more worried about the test/paper. I’m in good shape.

I think I missed a few questions, but I think everyone did. The prof will probably grade on a curve.

Actually, the test/paper wasn’t too hard. Good thing I hardly worried about it.

I probably failed my test/paper.

Oh, I got a B. It could have been worse I guess.

But I studied so hard and I only got a B???

I got a B because my professor is a jerk.

Oooo, cake popsicle at Starbucks…