Starting with my first book, Coffeehouse Theology (NavPress, 2008), I have authored and co-authored commercially and independently published books on topics that include Christian living, Bible study, writing, and creativity.

Prayer, Christian living and theology books:

Books on creativity, writing, and spirituality for creative writers.

A Bit More about My Books… (more coming here soon!)

Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life

Coffeehouse Theology will help the reader understand, shape, and live out practical Christian theology in the postmodern context. Beginning with the relationship of cultural context and theology, Coffeehouse Theology roots theology in the church’s mission to be the presence of God’s Kingdom. Far from dividing the church, theology unites the church in a dynamic dialogue about the presence of God, his revelation in scripture, and the interpretations of the historic and global churches.


Coffeehouse Theology is the perfect antidote for the increasing distance between academic theology and everyday life. With wit and grace, Cyzewski shows how theology not only connects us with God but also moves us out of ourselves into loving ministry next door and around the world. This is the ideal text for adult Sunday school classes and home discussion groups.”
– William Dyrness of Fuller Theological Seminary

“Ed Cyzewski is uniquely capable of providing an account of the challenges facing Christian ministry and witness in the contemporary setting and clear and practical assistance for communities seeking fresh expressions of the Christian faith in the context of postmodern culture.”
– John Franke of Biblical Theological Seminary


Flee, Be Silent, Pray: Ancient Prayers for Anxious Christians

The updated and expanded version with Herald Press releases February 12, 2019.

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When daily prayer and Bible study leaves a Christian anxious, doubtful, and frustrated, is there any hope for finding peace with God?

Ed Cyzewski grew up in a restrictive Catholic Church, immersed himself in the hard-working world of evangelical Christianity as the path to knowing God, and then graduated uncertain about praying or finding God. The Christian prayer tradition known as contemplation, primarily preserved in monasteries through practices such as centering prayer, was the answer he didn’t want to find. If his Protestant faith was going to survive, he needed to move beyond his past grudges in order to learn Christian meditation and contemplative prayer from Catholic teachers.

Contemplative prayer goes beyond the limits of Bible study and experiences the loving presence of God described in the scriptures. While scripture and spiritual disciplines have their place, Cyzewski learned that the unstoppable love of God forms the foundation of all Christian spirituality, and that daily contemplative prayer helps us rest in God’s loving presence.

Using Henrí Nouwen’s The Way of the Heart to highlight the three movements into contemplation with the words flee, be silent, pray, Cyzewski found what it means to quiet his religious anxiety by resting in the love of God. Anxious evangelicals and Christians on the brink of losing their faith will find an accessible path toward using this simple, proven approach to daily prayer.

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A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifeline for Faith and Growth

No one ever plans to fail in their faith. We all think we’ll be the kind of Christian who follows the straight and narrow, ending our days with the relief of knowing we were ultimately a good and faithful servant. So why do so many leave that road? What enables some to survive as Christians when so many others have faltered?

With A Christian Survival Guide, Ed Cyzewski steps up to be your trail guide and provide some possible answers. He addresses some of the biggest, toughest questions in Christianity, including:

  • Disturbing Bible stories 
  • Hell and what it means 
  • Is the Bible “true”? 
  • The question of evil
  • Money and the church
  • Evangelizing when no one wants to listen 

Candid and wry, Cyzewski deals with the tension of hard questions without resorting to empty answers, clichés, relativism, or the smug certainty that can so often drive seekers and strugglers further away.

Cyzewski also has a knack of making long-ago biblical figures absolutely recognizable in today’s issues. This survival guide is not meant to be a “one size fits all” handbook. It is a first step to confronting the big issues and challenges of a life of faith—even the ones that Christians fear most. Cyzewski writes for those who both care and question deeply, and offers survival tips to help readers move from living on the edge to a place of health and life.

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    Thanks for that. You were a blessing to me today and I know I was meant to find your site. You have given me courage to answer a nagging calling to write. I have no fear now, no hang-ups and most of all no more excuses to procrastinate. I will be obedient to God’s calling and write.
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