Writing and Blog Layout

With a blog platform such as WordPress there is a virtually limitless supply of themes. They typically range from one column to three, though a few four column themes are in circulation.

When choosing a theme, it is crucial to find a lay out that supports your content. Clutter is the enemy, so choose wisely.

In the case of this blog I wanted readers to have the option of reading through the content or utilizing the side bars. It’s as if the site is divided in two. Some may only want to browse my links, while others will only want to look over the posts.

For inamirrordimly.com, my blog on theology and whatever else happens around our Vermont home, I wanted to content to be at center stage. The sidebar is there, but almost everything on the sidebar revolves around the content. Links and resources are on other pages.

On yet another blog, swvermont.com, I chose a clean three column theme that provides a host of resources, links, and navigation options. The key to this site in my estimation is what visitors see when the first arrive. Therefore I’ve place my categories and search box at the top. That enables them to quickly find what they want.

Take some time to evaluate the lay out options out there and compare them to the kind of content you plan on publishing. A good lay out should put your best content in the reader’s line of vision.