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Church Communications Pro has been one of my favorite web sites of late, not so much because of the church side, but because of the excellent blogging and web site tips shared. In addition, Cory Miller of Church Communications runs Rockin Themes with a friend, and they regularly release sharp, clean, user-friendly themes. Many of my favorite Word Press Themes come from them.

Church Communications Pro is updated regularly and has some great archives that are of real value. My favorite is the series of posts on using Word Press for a church web site. The best part is their content benefits churches and non-churches alike.

My fledgling blog on Vermont, South West Vermont.com uses one of their nicest themes, though I am intrigued by their latest “newspaper” themes.

And speaking of Word Press Themes and blogs, I’ve been keeping track of useful web site resources, especially themes, at my new Blinklist account. Since I’m using my del.icio.us account to track theology resources, I opened Blinklist for all other items of interest, particularly web design stuff.

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