Writing It Down Immediately

Revisions are an important part of writing. The more we understand revisions, the more we can enjoy the early stages of writing when an idea may be fresh and new, but unwieldy and awkward. Revisions give us the freedom to write down an idea or an entire piece as quickly as possible before we lose the edge.

Even if the words fall flat when they first step onto the page, it is important to let them loose. Push them all out as fast as possible, and let them settle in. Revisions will correct all wrongs.

Depending on the project, there typically is a need for some time to pass between the first draft and the finished product. For a blog it may be 5-10 minutes, for an article a few days may be needed–at least one night to sleep on it–and in the case of a novel many writers recommend 5-6 weeks.

Once the idea is down, you’ve saved it. It’s backed up and can never be lost. It’s a lump of clay that is prepared for the potter. Celebrate that small victory and prepare for the next step.