Announcing My New Book: The Divine Endorsement

The Divine Endorsement: How to Seek and Find the Only Influencer That Matters

My new book shares simple steps any Christian author can use to gain the influence of the only one who truly matters.

There is a crisis of influence in American Christian book publishing.

Pastors and Christian authors routinely rely on the influence of fellow, fallible leaders who rarely even read their books to provide a blessed assurance that a book is worth a reader’s time.

How can we know for sure if a pastor’s book on the principles of Christian marriage is trustworthy?

He may not have any training in marriage counseling or psychology to speak of, but if he can confirm that his book has been endorsed by an all-knowing deity, then no one can doubt the value (and sincerity) of his book.

But how exactly can a Christian author “get” a divine endorsement?

Getting a divine endorsement is as simple as “seeking” it.

Yes, seek, and ye shall find!

Throughout the 250 pages of my thoroughly researched book, I share exactly how you can do this deceptively simple 10-step process to gain a clear, ringing divine endorsement for your next book.

Do you hate sending emails to potential endorsers?

Now you don’t have to! Prayer is WAY better than email.

Do you worry that your endorsers aren’t even reading your book?

That’s not a problem with an all-knowing deity!

Rather than spending your time networking, buttering up fellow authors, and calling in one favor after another, you can spend more of your valuable time on social media doing what really matters: stirring up controversy to sell books.

At the end of the day, Christian publishing is all about sharing the message of the Good News. There’s no better way to kick off a strong marketing campaign for this life-changing message than leveraging the most powerful endorsement from the world’s ultimate influencer.

Do you want to influence more people than the sand on the shore?

Then it’s time to stop wasting your time seeking influence among men and women. Go straight to the top. My new book can show you the way.

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