Writing: The Good, the Bad, and the Rejected: #3 The Good


I had every intention of wrapping up this series last week. However, we traveled to visit some family on Friday and I forgot to share my final post in this series.

In my last post I shared the down side of writing, but don’t worry. There are plenty of perks and good days as well.

A Flexible Schedule

Many writers will say they enjoy the flexible schedule of writing. Though they’ll have plenty of deadlines to meet, they can organize their schedules as they see fit. This requires planning, discipline, and boundaries (lest writing overtake one’s personal life), but it can pay off when articles can written on a beach or at a lake house. Travel or unexpected visits need not throw a project off course since writers can move their schedules in order to capitalize on opportunities.

Fellow Writers and Publishing Professionals

Fellow writers not only provide invaluable help, they also prove to be friends and colleagues who share your struggles and frustrations. They can generously help with marketing ideas and promotions, as well as with expert advice and feedback. Publishing professionals you meet along the way may connect you with key editors or opportunities. In addition, once you’ve experienced a little success, it’s always a joy to help fellow writers, who are passionate about their work, succeed.

The Creative Rush

Some morning the words fall into place, shaping excellent ideas, apt metaphors, and thrilling scenes. There is a rush that sweeps over writers when everything clicks. While hard times will come, there is nothing like nailing a story, knowing you’ve succeeded in crafting a unique piece of writing.

Helping Reading

While negative reviews and feedback will come, more often than not readers will only contact you to share how you’ve helped, inspired, or entertained them. Creating another world or clearly sharing a fresh idea that helps another person makes writing incredibly rewarding. I keep positive feedback in mind when I set out on new projects because I hope to continue helping readers with each new project.

Next Week’s Series: Why It’s OK for Writers to Fail

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One thought on “Writing: The Good, the Bad, and the Rejected: #3 The Good

  1. Hi Ed,

    I am printing your ebook now and going to read it this weekend. Thank you for checking in with me. If Rachelle loved it, well, we know it is good right?

    Thanks for the honesty and encourgement. Had my first speaking engagement recently and it was so motivating to get the response that I did. Reminded me why I am writng my story in the first place. Going to also review your review of my book proposal and work in your suggestions.

    Thanks again.


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