My Next Book Release: The Lost Tweets of Jesus

GATFinalCover It is with great pride that I announce the release of my next book project. Titled The Lost Tweets of Jesus: Uncovering the World’s Greatest Ancient Digital Mystery, this work of carefully researched contextual theology explores the teachings of Jesus in brief, 140-character tweets.

Never before has one book composed such a culturally bound exploration of the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth, or @NazarethJesus.

Though Jesus never wrote a book, he certainly communicated much to his disciples. If he had Twitter, there is no doubt that he would have used it. This book is committed to a fresh exploration of Jesus through 140-character tweets, uncovering the digital legacy in this work of ancient digital linguistic social media archeology.

Based loosely on a few events in the Gospel of Mark, The Lost Tweets of Jesus encounters the life of Jesus through a series of tweets that incarnate the Messiah into today’s technology.

This book is a free download that is perfect for study or meditation during Holy Week. If you’re interested in interviewing me regarding this stunning new release, please consult my publicity kit.

Incidentally, I have also released a free ebook of meditations on the Gospel of Mark titled: Prepare the Way of the Lord.