Five Things I Learned about Writing for Magazines: #5 Read Sample Queries


Today I’m wrapping up my series on writing for magazines with some final thoughts on writing a query letter to an editor…

Whether searching online or checking a version of Writer’s Market, find examples of query letters and study the art of writing a solid query. While you may think that brainstorming a good idea or writing a great article make a query letter an afterthought, think again.

You need to impress an editor, who receives hundreds of these things, with both your idea and your ability to write about it effectively for his/her audience. The competition is fierce, so make sure you stack the deck in your favor.

Don’t send the query until you’ve check it for errors or vague points. I have run through my queries with a fine-tooth comb and still find mistakes and oversights that may have hurt my chances at acceptance. In fact, wait