Five Great Things That Don’t Sell Lots of Books: #1 Great Endorsements

books and pages I confess that when I worked on publishing my first book that I thought landing a few great endorsements would just about guarantee success. Whenever I read a positive nod from a writer I admire, I usually consider buying the book.

From what I can tell, I assembled a pretty good group of endorsers. They were all respected and published authors in their own rights, and they said very kind things about my book.

While I’m sure that some folks picked up my book based on their endorsements, an endorsement can only take readers so far. An endorsement may convince them to pick up your book and look it over, but a potential reader’s interest may well stop there.

I invested a lot of time into the endorsement process, which I don’t necessarily regret, but I think I put way too much trust into it. In addition, I probably didn’t work as hard on some other things that were much more important since I trusted that the endorsers would expand the appeal of my book.

Endorsements are great, but they aren’t the most important factor in selling books.

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