Publishing Win: What Agents and Editors are Looking For

Editors and agents want one thing.

They receive query after query with all kinds of book pitches, but no matter what the topic may be, they are always looking for the same thing.

Literary agent David Black spoke three weeks ago at an event on the future of publishing at the Northshire Bookstore, and he spoke with great passion about his work as a literary agent. While he acknowledged the difficulties of publishing right now and the need to pick his authors carefully based on their platforms, experience, and publishing credentials, he said one thing that caught my attention.

“Don’t give agents and editors a pitch, give us something we will love.”

Agents and editors are in their business because they love books. If you can deliver on that one enormously important thing they’re looking for, you’re well on your way.

Though publishing houses need to keep a close watch on their profit margins, they are always looking for a book that connects with them. Can you write a book that your readers will love?