Balancing Projects

Writing revolves around meeting deadlines. This means that work sometimes piles up and one project in particular can demand all of your attention for a brief period of time. When a deadline for a major project looms, all lesser works are often forgotten, if perhaps worked on sparingly.

Pacing and planning are the keys here.

We cannot always control our deadlines or the sudden demand of a project, and that is why journaling, jotting down ideas, and keeping a running list of projects is a huge help. Think of this as a savings account of writing ideas for those extra busy seasons. When the rush hits for a deadline, but you still want to send out a short article, post something on your blog, or send out a newsletter, it really helps to have a reservoir of ideas and topics.

I did not adequately prepare myself for the crunch of revising my book Coffeehouse Theology, and so my "monthly" newsletter dropped off the face of the earth for a period of time. I managed to keep up some bare bones blogging, but any extra work on articles simply fizzled. At this point I’m filling my writing journal with ideas, filling up the dry erase board in my office, and saving some blog post drafts in my blog writer just to be safe when the big crunch comes next week.

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