Your Writing Spot

I have read in a number of books that it’s very important to create a space for writing that is wholly your own and free from distractions. I confess that I didn’t quite buy it at first.

I am used to writing in a variety of cafes, at the dinner table, at the small desk in our living room, on the couch, in my favorite chair, and sometimes at my desk that really is more of a dumping ground than anything. The world is my writing space.

Well, not quite.

As deadlines loomed for my book on theology, I found myself craving more seclusion, more of a routine, more of a comfortable place to write. I had already painted an office with soothing colors and put down a nice floor, but I rarely used it. Why didn’t this space work for writing?

The more I thought about, the more I realized that it just didn’t suite me as a dumping ground for papers, books, and anything else that didn’t have a home. And so, I began to experiment with a few changes and it turned out that I love writing in my office now.

Here is what works for me:

  • A clean desk with everything in neat piles or put away. I like to see lots of desk surface.
  • My files are arranged neatly.
  • My writing schedule is posted on the bulletin board next to my desk.
  • The lighting is bright enough to work, but not too bright.
  • Scented candles to create a little more warmth.
  • My desk chair at a lower level somehow helps me focus when my feet are firmly planted on the group (yes, I’m short!)
  • The floor is cleanly swept.
  • The books on my shelves are neatly put away and dare I say…flush with the edge of the shelves.
  • Traditional Celtic music playing softly. I love Radio Celt.

I’m sure I could list more, but these are some of the most recent changes I have made to my writing. Believe it or not, they really help. I actually look forward to writing a lot more. In fact, even when I don’t have an idea for writing, I find myself wishing that I did so I can go into my office.

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