Writely: Order Yours Today

You can guess pretty safely what the next big trend will be based on what Google is up to. Google recently purchased a company called Upstartle, the makers of a popular web-based, free word processing program known as Writely.

The concept of Writely is clever. Here’s the jist of it:

  • Share documents instantly & collaborate real-time: Pick exactly who can access your documents.
  • Edit your documents from anywhere: Nothing to download — your browser is all you need.
  • Store your documents securely online: Offsite storage plus data backup every 10 seconds.
  • Easy to use:Clean, uncluttered screens with a familiar, desktop feel.

This could be very helpful for non-profits with volunteers and employees working different schedules at different locations. I know that it can be problem to have several people using and editing the same document. It is such a hassle to know who has the most up to date draft. I think that I will use this program for the Northshire Non-Profit Network in the near future for some of our projects.

There is a waiting list currently for a Writely account, but I think it will be worth the wait.

If you need something that is a bit more extensive for your document creation and editing, you can create your own wiki at jotspot. Jotspot is an easy way to creatively work together on a variety of projects. The web site says:

What can you do with our wiki?

Whether you’re at work or at home, you can use the JotSpot wiki.

The JotSpot wiki allows free-form collaboration, but you can also collaborate using structured applications from our application gallery.

  • Create an intranet: Publish company information, such as news or employee guidelines. See an example.
  • Project management: Schedule project deadlines, assign tasks, and define product specifications
  • Document collaboration: Multiple users author documents with aid of version history and MS Word integration
  • Coordinate a non-profit agency: Utilize event calendars, discussion forums, blogs and other apps
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