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I’m very excited about a few things coming up. First of all I bought a new USB cable for my Canon Powershot A95. I lost the cable yesterday and was bummed that my pictures of Mt. Equinox (near Manchester, VT) would have to stay on the camera. I’ll have them up soon I hope.

The other project that I am very excited about is the development of a web page for the Northshire Non-Profit Network. We are meeting this Friday at GNAT at 8 am. There will be coffee, tea, and donuts. This is a great grass-roots kind of group that meets to collaborate on a variety of topics from newsletter, to volunteers, to this week’s topic: events. There isn’t a strong agenda driving the group, only a topic, and all are free to contribute. It’s a great place to share ideas and to find new ones.

My plan is to propose a web site for the group at this meeting.

My primary reasons for proposing a web site are for the group to have a simple web site where info can be shared, links can be put in a central location for the group’s use, events can be announced, and the public will have a place to find out about our meetings.

At this point I’m thinking about using WordPress, the same program I use for this blog. While I really like Typepad a lot, WordPress is a little bit easier to sort through the control panel. Typepad has too many options and I fear that if someone took over editing the site, they would get lost. I also really like the option of using a free site for now, and then being able to purchase a domain name and use the free version of wordpress to make a more jazzy site. Typepad’s sites are nice in that they make it easy to link to books and other media, but such things will not be needed for the NNN.

I’m open to ideas about user-friendly web site/blog software out there. With my limited knowledge of html, my options are a bit limited.

Stay tuned for the new Northshire Non-Profit Network web site! We’ll see what the group comes up with.

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