Make Your Own Buttons

If you’re like me and you don’t have a clue about code, there are short cuts out there. For example, Adam Kalsay’s Button Maker allows you to specify the content, lay out, and color of your buttons. I made a simple one for my web site that I will offer to users who want an attractive link to put up on their own web sites and blogs.

Sometimes I want to list directories or blog tools on my site and certain products do not provide their own buttons. In order to make your side bar uniform, this button maker enables you to make your own in a matter of minutes. It’s then a matter of saving the image, uploading it to your web site, and then copying the location of the image. If you ever wonder how to do it, you can view the source of any web site by clicking on the view option of your internet browser and checking out the page’s source code.

If you want a quick break down of the html of my link so you know what you’ll need, here it is:

First you need the address that people will be going to when they click on the image:

This will have a at the end, but don’t get ahead of yourself. If this is a link that you will make available for others to use, put your web address in the same place as mine above.

Then you need the image location: 

<img xsrc=";

This means that you will have to upload the image to your web site and then figure out the location of the file on your server.

Then you close off the image location with a description of the image’s properties. Don’t forget the “greater than” sign. It’s important! 

width=”80″ height=”15″ border=”0″>

Lastly, you want to close off the hyperlink. 

And then you have a cool button of your own. Enjoy.

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