Vermont Non-Profit Links

I have spent the past few days accumulating links on a social bookmarking/tagging service called You can access my tags here. While you can scroll down the list of my most recent tags and browse them, there is a listing of categories on the right where you can seek out what is of interest to you. I have focused lately on collecting Vermont blogs, non-profit information related to Vermont, and non-profit information related to technology. There is general info mixed in as well.

The beauty of this service is that you can see how many people have tagged the same item, thereby giving you an idea of its popularity and possibly its usefulness. Once you connect to another person’s account, you will find that they have their own collection of tags to choose from.

If you would like to get started with social bookmarking, you can set up a account very easily. If you are not using Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser, I recommend downloading it. It’s a much better and safer browser than internet explorer. Then go to the add-on section and download the extension.

This extension will put a “tag” icon on your browser bar next to your print icon. If you’re at a web site that you like, just click on the tab and you can categorize it for your bookmarking account. This is a very easy way to store and organize information, while also connecting yourself to a network of people whose preferences are available to you.

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