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Path to Publishing Nonfiction Book

Update: E-Newsletter subscribers now receive my eBook Become a Better Faith Blogger as one of their two free eBook downloads. But don’t worry, A Path to Publishing is only $2.99!

I continue to hear from writers who have landed book deals that my book A Path to Publishing has been incredibly helpful for them as they sorted out the nonfiction book publishing process. One very talented writer even wrote, “This would not have happened without you!”

I don’t know about that, but I do know that publishing is a tough business where you need a lot of advice and a ton more planning if you’re going to succeed. If you’re thinking about publishing a nonfiction book, you’ll want to check out A Path to Publishing and learn more about how it can help you.

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I’ve already been offering e-newsletter subscribers a free E-book download of my book Divided We Unite: Practical Christian Unity and the introduction of A Path to Publishing. However, I decided it’s time to help new writers a bit more.

I am now offering the first half of A Path to Publishing as an additional free E-book download to E-newsletter subscribers. Just sign up in the right column, and your “Thank You E-mail” will send you links to both E-books.

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