Blog Post Editors for Everyone

I gave a presentation this past weekend on using online tools to help authors get their works published and marketing. At the center of on online strategy, at least for me, is a blog that revolves around the author. All other social media should take readers to the author’s web site where they can read his/her work and possibly purchase a book.

In the part of the presentation on blogs I spoke highly of Windows Live Writer as THE top blog post editor. It’s free, easy to use, and supported by lots of great add-ons, including an automatic update to Twitter for each new blog post. However, PC user that I am, I overlooked the plight of bloggers who use a Mac.

Someone brought up this point, and the only editor I recall hearing rave reviews about is Ecto. You have to fork out a bit of cash, but heck, Mac users are already tossing away two to three times the cash of a PC user. They should be used to spending money on their cool computers.

I did a bit more digging and found that Ecto is still one of the top programs out there for bloggers on a Mac. However, there is the option of running Live Writer on your Mac, it just takes a little work.

I also found a list of suggested Mac programs that confirmed the excellence of Ecto, but also listed some other great options. One of them is Blogo, a program recommended elsewhere.

So if you don’t mind dishing out $20, not bad for a program if you ask me, you can find a very suitable blog editor to use on a Mac. In the meantime, I’ll be running my virus-software, rebooting regularly, and cleaning up junk files on my PC, while taking small comfort in knowing that I at least have a superior blog editor.