A Path to Publishing: What I Learned by Publishing a Nonfiction Book

A Path to Publishing: What I Learned by Publishing a Nonfiction Book

“I haven’t seen a single more helpful resource for writers hoping to enter the publishing fray.”
-Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent, Books & Such

“If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a published book author, read this book.”
-David Sanford, award-winning author, editor, writing coach, and literary agent

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About A Path to Publishing

Are you interested in publishing a book, but unsure about your next step? Ed Cyzewski has been there, and he wrote this book for you.

After publishing his first nonfiction book Ed Cyzewski’s inbox was flooded with publishing questions from friends, family, and complete strangers. As his replies grew longer and the questions continued, he wrote A Path to Publishing in order to share his lessons about the publishing process with new writers.

A Path to Publishing is a big-picture guide for nonfiction publishing hopefuls. Beginning with mental preparation for writing and building a platform, Cyzewski helps readers develop their ideas, write regularly, pitch a proposal, and market their work. Through accounts of his experiences, a series of case studies, and action steps, each chapter moves readers toward the final goal of becoming published writers.


A Path to Publishing is available for purchase in both print and eBook formats through most retailers. Purchase a copy of A Path to Publishing at one of the following sites:


Finally!! Someone who cares enough to tell the truth about publishing! This well written book is refreshingly honest, open and full of excellent advice about what it really takes to get your book published and how to effectively market and promote it. God bless you, Ed Cyzewski!
–Kathleen M. Campbell, President, Campbell Public Relations, LLC

I haven’t seen a single more helpful resource for writers hoping to enter the publishing fray. A Path to Publishing is a friendly guide through the challenging and confusing maze that leads to having a book on the shelves. It should be required reading for writers!
–Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent, Books and Such and blogger at CBA Ramblings

Experience is the best teacher—especially other people’s experiences. Ed Cyzewski has spent hundreds of hours learning from the pros and, thankfully, is now sharing the goods with everyone else. If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a published book author, read this book. Underline the key points. Do what Ed says. And be sure to thank him on the Acknowledgments page of your first published book!
—David Sanford, award-winning author, editor, writing coach, and literary agent with Credo Communications, LLC (www.credocommunications.net)

I have been engaged in editing and book publishing for well over thirty years and sometimes even I am confused about what happens and why. It is a complex business, that’s for sure. Every year commercial publishing houses go through the mysterious alchemy of selecting books to publish. If you have tried writing and publishing nonfiction, you have wondered by what process manuscripts are chosen to see the light of day as published books. And you have wondered how to negotiate the selection process to become one of the chosen few who do get published. Outside of the traditional publishing methodology, where the landscape changes monthly and where many publishers offer zero add-on value, there is self-publishing, eBooks, niche publishing, cooperative publishing, desktop publishing, and blogs to consider.

Now for all of this you have great help in Ed Cyzewski’s rapidly readable, witty, fresh and incisive little book, which is big on valuable insights on how to publish and market expository writing. A Path to Publishing is a step-by-step manual with on-the-mark advice covering the sister professions of writing, editing and publishing. I do not always agree with all the author’s assumptions, but in the best tradition of authorship, Cyzewski is willing to make available to others what he has found out for himself. He does this as an insider bringing an outsider’s eye for all the profundities.

–Leonard  G. Goss, GoodEditors.com

A Path to Publishing is a book that most authors would benefit from reading. Not only does it give you the true life experiences of the author in getting books published, it gives solid, useful information for authors to use to help them in their quest to get published. No matter what your goals are regarding getting your book published, A Path to Publishing will give you concrete, helpful information and ideas to aid you in the process.
–Doug Johnson, Author of You Sold Me At Hello: How To Get People To Buy Without Being A Salesman and CEO of G.R. Johnson & Son Consulting, LLC

If you’re looking for some wise advice on getting published, invest a little money in Ed’s bookA Path to Publishing. He’ll get you started, and point you down the right path.
–Chip MacGregor, President, MacGregor Literary and the MacGregor Literary Blog


A Path to Publishing has been reviewed in the Midwest Book Review. The editor Jim Cox shared the following conclusion:

“Of special note are the chapters focused on Preparing Your Proposal; Publishing Options; Working with an Editor; and Marketing Your Work. Thoroughly ‘user friendly’ and superbly presented, ‘A Path to Publishing: What I Learned by Publishing a Nonfiction Book’ is a very strongly recommended read for any and all aspiring writers seeking to turn their manuscripts into profitably published books.”

You can read the rest of his review under his introductory note at this edition of the Midwest Book Review online.

Englewood Review of Books by Chris Smith

(Note: since the page does not seem to work, I have posted the whole review below)

Reviewed by Chris Smith.

In his most recent book, A Path to Publishing, Ed Cyzewski provides simple, straight-forward advice from his own experiences in the world of publishing.  Cyzewski, the author of Coffeehouse Theology, serves as a guide to key facets of publishing including “developing your expertise,” “developing networks” and “working with an editor.”   From my own experiences in writing and publishing, the advice given in A Path to Publishing rings true.  Cyzewski’s broad approach, covering everything from the discipline of writing through the editing process to the marketing of one’s book is to be commended, as many authors who have tackled similar projects in the past have focused on much narrower sections of this path.  Although he does not go into great detail on any of the topics along the way, he does often mention resources to which writers can turn if they seek to explore a particular topic in more depth.  The largest section of the book addresses the topic of marketing your book, and particularly the online marketing of your book.  For people who have been longtime internet users and who are comfortable searching around for the information they need, most of the information in this marketing chapter can be found for free online, on such sites as John Kremer’s BookMarket.com.

Put simply, Ed Cyzewski’s A Path to Publishing is a clear and helpful guide for those who have an idea for a book (and particularly a non-fiction book), but who have no idea how to see that idea to fruition.  However, it is not the only book or resource of its kind, so I would highly recommend that writers get a diversity of opinions in conjunction with Cyzewski’s, from other books (e.g., Dan Poynter’sSelf-Publishing Manual, which – contrary to its title – has plenty of wisdom for any writer who seeks to be published) or websites.

Chad Estes

Cyzewski’s stated goal of the book was to help move potential writers to a place of action. It certainly happened for me. I’ve put several of his suggestions into place and am moving forward with purpose and direction.

Other books may inspire you to write, but this one will take you down the path to get it done.

Christine Sine (author, blogger, and speaker)

This week I finally got around to reading it and was enthralled.  This is a great book not just for those that are embarking on their first publishing venture but also for those of us that are established authors.

Paul Steinbrueck

If you are an author – published or aspiring – you can’t afford to ignore blogging and social media, and you can’t afford to miss the insight Ed provides into building your platform and marketing your book.

I especially like the fact that Ed wraps up each chapter with specific action steps.  It really makes A Path to Publishing a great resource for authors to keep handy throughout the publishing process.


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To contact Ed regarding an interview, book event, or publishing workshop, e-mail him at edcyzewski (at) gmail (dot) com.

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