Endorsements for Coffeehouse Theology

Becky Garrison:
Functioning as a biblical barista of sorts, Ed Cyzewski serves the necessary theological tools to study the Bible with twenty-first-century eyes. For those tired of the faith fights, Coffeehouse Theology offers a much-needed respite, a biblical oasis where everyday evangelicals can explore a different perspective on contemporary global issues.

John Franke:
Ed Cyzewski has provided an engaging and conversational introduction to theology in the contemporary setting that is attuned to the mission of God and sensitive to the contexts that shape our reflections on the Bible and Christian faith. In so doing he reminds us that good theology must always be lived out with others in the midst of everyday life as a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a book for anyone interested in the relationship of theology to Christian faith and life in the world.

Jim Speigel:
Coffeehouse Theology provides a wonderful portal into the world of theology for those who want to think harder about their faith in postmodern times. With his disarming conversational style, Ed Cyzewski weaves a rich tapestry of meditations on God and everyday life, inviting us to take new angles of entry into timeless biblical truths. Ed shows us why good theology demands constant cultural dialogue.

Mark Scandrette:
In a world exploding with new ideas, new information, and new possibilities, we are all theologians: people seeking to understand the nature of our creator and the purpose of our lives in the here and now. In a culture rapidly shifting in consciousness, it is vital that we learn to read Scripture and the stories of our own lives with careful intelligence, humility, and a sense of wonder and adventure. In Coffeehouse Theology, Ed Cyzewski skillfully introduces readers to the important yet often misunderstood discipline of contextual theology and equips us to take our next steps toward making a life in the way of Jesus.

William Dryness:
Coffeehouse Theology is the perfect antidote for the increasing distance between academic theology and everyday life. With wit and grace, Cyzewski shows how theology not only connects us with God but also moves us out of ourselves into loving ministry next door and around the world. This is the ideal text for adult Sunday school classes and home discussion groups.

J.R. Briggs
Coffeehouse Theology strikes the perfect balance between being thoughtful and engaging. As a serious student of culture and theology, Ed has done a masterful job of explaining the importance of seeing the gospel in context. It’s one thing to write on the topic of theology; it’s quite another to write about it in a fresh, compelling, and thought-provoking way. If you’re expecting this to be a book of theology that is dry and stale, you won’t find it in Coffeehouse Theology. This book will stir your thoughts, not put you to sleep.

Leonard Sweet:
Like a jolt of java, this book awakens the reader to the discipline of cultural context. Here is a non-bookish book on how all theology should be drenched in the smells and flavors of the house roast.

Advanced Praise
“Ed Cyzewski is uniquely capable of providing an account of the challenges facing Christian ministry and witness in the contemporary setting and clear and practical assistance for communities seeking fresh expressions of the Christian faith in the context of postmodern culture. His book has the potential of becoming a significant resource amidst the growing literature on the emerging church.”
John Franke of Biblical Theological Seminary and Author of Beyond Foundationalism

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