The Supreme Court Just Gave American Evangelicals a Gift




Evangelicals are tenacious, persistent, and driven when they want to fight for a cause. The problem is that American evangelicals have been swept up in fighting for the wrong cause for a long time.

When the Supreme Court ruled to make same sex marriage the law of the land, American evangelicals received a gift that many don’t want: official permission to fight for people in need instead of fighting against same sex marriage.

Whatever you believe about same sex marriage, the role of government, and the future of the church in America, disagreeing with same sex marriage on moral grounds does not demand a public campaign to prevent it from becoming legally sanctioned. While I remain committed to creating room for affirming and non-affirming evangelicals who unite under the common banner of saving faith in Christ, evangelicals in America should have never made legalized same sex marriage a central moral issue to fight in the courts.

While I don’t believe Matthew 25 is exhaustive in its presentation of what matters to God, we do get a glimpse of the kinds of people who have internalized and lived out the message of Jesus. They work to alleviate the most pressing needs of others in our world.

That isn’t a call to relativize our sexual standards. Rather, I see Jesus pointing us toward the issues that pertain to the most basic aspects of human dignity: food, shelter, clothing, justice, and sickness:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,

I was a stranger and you invited me in, 

I needed clothes and you clothed me, 

I was sick and you looked after me,

I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

We can disagree all day about same sex marriage. Heck, the majority of evangelicals will most likely continue to disagree about this issue for another 20 years until the millennials take their place in church leadership.

However, there’s no denying that millions of people around the world are suffering significantly, and Jesus wants us to focus our energies on serving them. If there was ever a group of people who should give a damn about children dying of hunger, deeply wounded people suffering in prison, and thousands upon thousands of refugees fleeing unprecedented violence in the Middle East, it should be American evangelicals.

It’s not like these massive global needs are a secret:

Over 49 million Americans and 870 million people overall in the world are going hungry (source).

750 million people worldwide lack access to clean water, leading to diseases that disproportionately kill children under age 5 who are unable to fight bacteria (source 1, source 2)

The U.S. prison system incarcerates over 2.3 million people, including a disproportionate number of African Americans (source).

Over 100 million Christians around the world face severe persecution, including the believers living in refugee camps after fleeing Syria and Iraq (source).

Over 500,000 Americans are homeless (source), but worldwide an estimated 1 billion people are living in housing that is inadequate (source).

If you care about preventing terrible things like human trafficking, rape, forced prostitution, and child soldiers, partnering with groups that empower communities to meet these basic needs will go a long way in keeping potential victims safe, healthy, and in control of their own lives.

Declarations about the collapse of civilization because of same sex marriage ring hollow when we consider that Americans toss 31.1% of our food while allowing millions to go hungry, fail to ask whether our ridiculously high incarceration rates ruin thousands of lives that could have been set right through treatment programs, and Christians in the Middle East have to flee their villages after ISIS invades, steals their women and children, and threatens to kill anyone who refuses to convert.

If God is going to condemn us over anything in America, it’s going to be our indifference and inaction when it comes to feeding people, giving out clean water, offering shelter, visiting the sick, and helping the prisoners, not a Supreme Court ruling.

It boggles the mind that evangelicals in America have long seen this ruling coming, but we have fought tooth and nail in what many suspected to be a losing cause. So many millions of dollars and hours were tossed into legal battles that were a long shot at best.

And yet, we have always had financial resources, competent charities, and passionate workers who are more than willing to travel to the ends of the earth to fulfill the very words of Jesus. If we collectively gave these most basic causes just a fraction of the time and energy that we had devoted to fighting same sex marriage, who knows how many thousands or millions of lives could have been saved.

We have been given a gift: The Supreme Court ruling means we can stop throwing our time and money into fighting same sex marriage and fulfill the words of Matthew 25.

We need not lament, lick our wounds, or bemoan the “terrible” world that our grandchildren will inherit. For millions of people around the world and even in our own neighborhoods, the worst has already happened and will continue to happen.

We need not wave the white flag of surrender on same sex marriage and pray for God’s mercy. If we’re going to take the words of Jesus seriously, know this:

God’s judgment has been upon us long before a single state allowed same sex marriage.

God’s judgment came upon us when we left people hungry, thirsty, sick, unclothed, and alone.

It’s time to stop blaming the court system. If we disagree on same sex marriage, that is our right. That doesn’t change the call of Jesus for his followers, especially American evangelicals at this time. We have our marching orders. We shouldn’t act surprised at who we’re called to serve.

We aren’t called to fight against someone. We aren’t called to litigation.

We are called to fight for everyone—especially those suffering in the most basic ways.

The longer we engage in legal fights against same sex marriage, the more apparent it becomes that we’d rather throw ourselves into any losing cause than obey the most basic commands of Jesus.

Let’s take our tenacity, energy, and resources and throw them into serving the people who are suffering the most in this world.

We may even hear the words: “Well done, good and faithful servant,” one day.


UPDATE: July 1, 2015

Comments will be closing soon on this post, so I wanted to add a quick note that will hopefully address one of the leading concerns among those who have commented thus far:

The majority of the dissenting comments have accused me of overlooking or downplaying the relief work that evangelicals have done around the world.


Some of the most enthusiastic shares, comments, and private notes I’ve received in support of the post have come from missionaries and aid workers around the world who said I put their exact thoughts into words. Not to say all such folks agree with me, but it’s just a general trend.

In addition…

No dissenting comment I have yet seen has made personal mention of being an aid worker who feels overlooked or disparaged. Not to say this won’t happen, but it’s just a general trend.

To be clear, I assumed that it’s common knowledge that American evangelicals are involved in all sorts of relief work and missionary work. I had not intention of downplaying what anyone has done in helping those in need or in preaching the Gospel. My intent was calling attention to the needs that remain in our world and the importance of focusing our energies to meet them. My apologies if this post unintentionally minimized anyone’s generosity or service.

295 thoughts on “The Supreme Court Just Gave American Evangelicals a Gift

  1. I just read an article yesterday that described the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as an anti-LGBT group. This made me so sad. Most of the evangelical church probably is seen as anti-LGBT. Is that what we want to be known for? Anti-anybody? Anti-poverty. Anti-oppression. Anti-slavery. Yes. But not anti-people. Thanks for this.

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    1. “Without a voice, you and I will be known ONLY by the labels that the militants give us.”

      Oh, I don’t know. I think with the voice we have used we’ve done a fine enough job giving ourselves those labels.



      1. I agree-WAY too many evangelifish have wrapped the Bible in the flag, and have used it to bash the world. Bad move, and I am not going to defend that mindset.

        What we have NOT done is bring logic and reason along with our faith..


        1. “What we have NOT done is bring logic and reason along with our faith.”

          Yes. Dualism is a tragedy and travesty with which the church has played along for many centuries.



    2. Don’t believe everything you read. FCA and Athletes in Action, similar organizations devoted to evangelizing campuses through athletics, welcome LGBT and should treat them like any other brother or sister. What you read may have been distorted because FCA and AIA believe that their leaders should espouse and live by biblical Christian values. Why is it that nobody would blink an eye at the LBGT community not allowing an evangelical Christian to lead their group, but the same don’t care that the LBGT community actively moves to have FCA and AIA abolished from campuses because they want like-minded leaders? That is a double standard in my book. A true Christian should be tolerant and welcoming of the LBGT community. After all, let him/her without sin cast the first stone.


      1. If you knock someone down and stand on their throat they may well punch at your legs. If you say to them, “why are you punching at my leg, I’m not punching at yours”, they’ll likely be confused and frustrated at such a question. Evangelical groups, as a whole, have been using the law and social tools to oppress non-straight people for millenia… that sort of repression from traditionalists and Evangelicals is almost all the LGBT community is known. That they would try to claw back some semblance of power, meaningfulness, and relevance through whatever means was available to them is hardly shocking. It’s unfortunate that you were so busy being offended by the one fight you WEREN’T winning in the war to oppress LGBT people that you missed all the ways you were very nearly successful in crushing them back into the closet. However, now that they’ve been given such a substantial protection under the law, perhaps they’ll stop fighting you so hard in that one area that so irks you.


        1. Of course we, as Christians, will be know as “anti” We stand for righteousness and truth. Jesus was killed for telling the truth, He was hated for telling the truth. Of course we will be accused for being “anti”, the world is going to hate you and want you dead! With that said, we must be loving, compassionate, and redemptive. If you are a Christian, you will be known by the majority non-Christian, as “anti.”


        2. @Gary

          No, you don’t get to hide behind a Jesus-is-anti message… Because he wasn’t. Jesus was not about “anti” anything, other than being anti-intolerance. The fact you’re a Christian who is intolerant means you’re no Christian at all!


        3. @Bob
          Bob, have you not read what Jesus said and did? Jesus was not soft on sin. Jesus forgave readily, and demanded the sinner give up the sin. Jesus warned of hell (repeatedly and often). Jesus told us to do good to each other, yes, most certainly, but liberal Christianity has forgotten that this was only part of his message. Jesus didn’t tell the Pharisees that they shouldn’t have bothered trying to act righteous–he told them that they should have both acted righteous and also thought righteously. Jesus made our sin more clear by pointing out that the mere thought of sinning (lust) is adultery in God’s eyes. The mere thought of sinning (hatred) is murder in God’s eyes. How is it that you missed all this?!?! And in the case of sexuality, Jesus points out that God created (yes, created, that’s Jesus, GOD, speaking) them in the beginning male and female, and that therefore a *man* would leave his *mother* and *father* and be united to his *wife* and the two would become one flesh. When God dealt with marriage, he went right back to creation, he went right back to the beginning. He was very specific and made no provision for anything else. And he was clear that lusting after somebody you aren’t married to is sexual sin in God’s eyes (the only eyes that matter, really). Jesus was HIGHLY intolerant of sin. Jesus was HIGHLY intolerant of pretense. Jesus was highly tolerant of repentant sinners, but not sinners who wanted to keep sinning. Jesus was HIGHLY intolerant of the notion that you should pretend repentance, but keep on sinning.


        4. @ Gary

          Jesus said absolutely nothing about qay people. He did, however say plenty about hate, divorce and false piety, which is what I see displayed by many “evangelicals.”

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      2. That would be because leaders of LGBTQ groups are led by believers and non-believers and have memeberships that are reflective of faith and non-faith. They just don’t put the Bible out in front as their word or use it as the way to get things done. The cause is not one of faith and believing, the cause is equal treatment under the law as a human being and person. It is harder to get a Rainbow Alliance group started than it is to get a Christian values group started at the majority of campuses……mainly because there are still beliefs out there that believe we are immoral and wrong. What do you think?


  2. Why must a Christian choose either social justice or righteous, Biblical based standards of morality? Why should the Spirit filled believe be silent on this issue? 1Corinthians 2:14-17 doesn’t say that we should. Did the early church do this in the face of Roman rule? Christianity on a whole has accomplished incredible things by the help of God to enact change and justice in our world. Institutions of learning (Harvard, Yale, etc.), nearly every major hospital, scientific discovery, etc. Please do not add fodder to those who would judge Christianity as a “hapless, helpless bunch of complainers” by saying that we’ve turned a blind eye. Some have albeit, but not all. Jesus Christ’s church is still triumphant and we are still carrying out His mission of faith, hope, and love. Respectfully, lovingly yet in complete disagreement with your piece, Scott (one of those millennials you judged wrongly).

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    1. I never said that ALL millennials would support same sex marriage, but rather implied that it’s a trend that millennial evangelicals will support same sex marriage. And I also never said that evangelicals shouldn’t oppose same sex marriage on the grounds of biblical morality. Have at it. God bless. That’s not my point. My point is that we’ve been waging doomed legal battles instead of investing our time and money in serving the kinds of people told us to serve. There is room under the evangelical tent for both views on same sex marriage IMHO, but the time and money spent on legal fights, the likes of which met their end with the Supreme Court today, have been a bunch of wasted opportunities. If you disagree with me, feel free to tell the kids who are starving and the refugees fleeing ISIS that you can’t send them money, food, or relief help because you’re busy fighting gay marriage.

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      1. Why can’t we do both; oppose the moral decline of our country, as well as fill those basic commandments you spoke of? After all, if America falls, where are the poor and hungry going to go? If we want to remain the last best hope of the world, we have are going to have have to save ourselves as well as everyone else.

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        1. I disagree with several points you’ve made, but I’ll just stick to the main one: I fully support anyone’s right to “oppose” same sex marriage. I’m speaking to the practical time and money that we should channel away from legal battles and political campaigns against something that has been now ruled the law of the land. Let’s invest in helping people whose lives are literally hanging in the balance today.

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      2. I have said this all along, some “Christians” are nothing more than intolerant, judgmental bigots. If this issue were of any importance to Jesus I am certain he would have said so. The examples you cite are what being a Christian is all about. Some believe that one day we will all stand before God to answer for the life and choices we made. Don’t try to do God’s job, he/she is much better at it.


        1. Jesus did say so: 9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,
          10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. – 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
          Don’t forget that all scripture is God-breathed. Should Christians start welcoming thieves, adulterers and idolaters next?


        2. Rhurc: Actually, you all already are. You welcome the remarried divorcee and the Bristol Palins(and even make role models of them); those who hanker after material wealth and those who take their pastors’ words as gospel truth; and those who steal time from God by leaving their worshipful mindset at the threshold of the church, until the next Sunday morning. Funnily, most of you wouldn’t even consider these sins, and therefore wouldn’t have thought to repent of any of those.

          Of course though, Jesus DID welcome thieves (tax collectors), adulterers (prostitutes) and idolators (Samaritans). Unless what your pastor said (or Paul, who, by the way, was the one who wrote the letters to the Corinthians) is more important than what Jesus said and did…


      3. Thank-you for this Godly perspective. Renewing my mind with this call to serve others who are truly needy rather than wasting time or money fighting losing battles really gives me hope.

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        1. The word “homosexuality first appears in an English-language Bible in the 1940s, so “men who practice homosexuality” is both a mistranslation and a flat-out LIE.

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      4. Ed, where have you been, are you not attending and serving in a Christian Church. Billions of dollars are sent to those who are hungry and without food or shelter. You sound as though the Christian community standing for truth is a waste of time and money at the expense of other pressing needs. Do you homework on missional relief around the world.


        1. I agree, Gary. I have not heard of any LGBT organization who does anything like this. In fact, every LGBT organization I have every heard of is just about advancing their own views and agendas. Activism for their own causes is all I ever hear about. Charity? It’s pretty easy to point at Christians and say “Look after your own interests.” I hear LGBT activists tout the tenets of acceptance, tolerance, harmony… not putting out offending images and statements… but what have they been doing? Calling Christians names, making accusations against the whole rather than individuals, and putting rainbow flags everywhere. If Christians are supposed to now focus on charity and humanitarian aid (which I disagree that this has not been happening)… then the LGBT community needs to focus on what THEY are supposed to be about — acceptance, tolerance, listening to the experiences of others, etc. instead of blaming their hypocrisy on Christians.


        2. I never denied that Christians weren’t doing relief work. Rather, the needs are still extremely great and we need to give up on legislative actions that distract us from adding to the work we already do.


      5. Mr. Cyzewski, I do think you have set up a straw man. “Feel free to tell the kids who are starving and the refugees fleeing ISIS that you can’t send them money, food, or relief help because you’re busy fighting gay marriage.” Have you even bothered to research and find out where evangelicals are giving their money? Let me help you, courtesy of IRS Form 990 data on These are the amounts given last year by Christians to some well-known organizations:

        World Vision and World Vision International: $2.5 billion
        Compassion International: $716 million
        Samaritan’s Purse: $460 million
        Voice of the Martyrs: $41 million

        So to just these four evangelical relief organizations, Christians gave close to $4 billion last year. This doesn’t even begin to capture the amounts given to local rescue missions, food banks, homeless shelters, etc.

        By contrast, how much did Christians give last year to three of the most well-known social advocacy groups–ADF, ACLJ, and FRC? A mere $70 million. $4 billion to humanitarian relief vs. $70 million to political advocacy. Your indictment of Christians as not caring for the poor and suffering around the world is nonsense. The actual data on where Christians are giving their money completely disproves your central thesis.


        1. I’ll repeat a reply I made to another commenter:
          “And perhaps I should have been a bit more clear about this, but the point of the post wasn’t that we do nothing to help the poor and give it all to “fighting the gays.” The point is that even with all that we do, massive needs exists, needs that Jesus fully expects us to address. And yes, of course we preach the Gospel, but isn’t it fascinating that one the first things the early church did after Pentecost was pool their resources together? The life change that Christ brings alters how we distribute our resources. So yes, of course charity, nonprofit and religious giving remains strong and even growing, but that doesn’t mean everything is awesome. There are massive needs that remain and we can ill afford to waste time and money on lost political, judicial and legal cases, even if one remains fully committed to opposing same sex marriage.”


      6. So your point is that if you are “actively” opposed to gay marriage then you are just ignoring everything else!? But if you oppose gay marriage passively that’s ok as long as you are giving time, money, talents to massive problems throughout the World? Come on man.


    2. What the article is saying is that times changed but evangelicals have not! There are so many more causes/fights that need to be addressed and corrected (hunger, poverty, corruption) and to waste so few resources on one issue makes Christians look BAD! If Evangelicals want to serve Jesus and fight the good fight, they need to open their eyes and get their priorities in order. God created this maze called life, now it’s our turn to navigate it without causing harm or malice to anyone else in the process!


    3. OTOH, Christians fought the development of anesthesia and antisepsis, particularly as it related to childbirth. It was the “Curse of Eve” for women to suffer and die in childbirth.

      GOD gave surgeons the ability to perform heart / lung transplants, etc. I still remember when it was a “mortal sin” for a surgeon to TOUCH a heart in surgery, much less open it up and repair it!

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  3. Evangelicals are serving the poor and hungry in Africa, and the Middle east etc, but our support is not getting to the needy because of corrupt governments.
    It is a sad day indeed for our nation. Just like it was a sad day when the SC legalized murder. (Roe v Wade) Our nation will be judged and so will we each individually.

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      1. and, so you’re able to do two things at once (oppose abortion AND support caring for kids), but you are NOT interested in opposing “gay marriage” (a redefinition of 6000 years of human history, all religion & morality aside), under guise of “helping the sick”? something seems woefully wrong with this picture.

        The donation of moneys is NOT a zero-sum game (an underlying tenant of your argument for giving this cause up as lost). The vast majority of donors to the defense of morality (and most of christianity in modern culture) also give vast sums to every bleeding heart cause you can think of (I should know – i’m one of, and know many of them – the amounts they give annually easily exceeds yours & my lifetime earnings combined). You’re *NOT* going to hurt one cause by championing both..

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        1. Did you know gays could get married before the supreme court ruling? It just didn’t have the same legal definition.

          So gays could, in this free county have a ceremony, live together, everything that goes along with married life. This was never a question morality since the fight was never about love. It was about how much taxes a gay person should pay when their life partner died.


        2. Jesse, it was Bout a lot more than that. It was about being able to sit by your spouse’s hospital bed without worrying what their “real” family might think. It was about being able to adopt the children one raises (and corollary points like attending parent-teacher conferences, making decisions with the pediatrician, etc.). It was about exercising your spouse’s wishes in case of emergency, coma, or death. It was about being treated as a citizen with the full rights and privileges that entails.

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      2. Exactly. Most “pro-lifers” are merely “pro-birthers.” They then don’t give a damn about the kids unless they survive long enough to vote Republican and fight in the Oil Wars.

        We NEED Universal National Service, two to four years of it, between high school and college, no exceptions, no exemptions except for the SERIOUSLY mentally and/or physically disabled. I’m in a wheelchair, but I can sit in front of a computer and type for eight hours a day, thus freeing an able-bodied person to do something else.

        A NO-EXEMPTIONS “Draft” would put a stop to the Oil Wars in a hurry. I wanted to THROW UP when Romney said his great strapping sons were serving the country by helping to get him elected. Send THEM (and a WHOLE bunch of others) to the Middle East.


        1. Rusty,

          I’d never heard anything about what you said so I looked it up and found this.
          Let me know what you think.

          It is from a website called Ask John Mackay.

          There is no reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to the 1946 RSV so why do you oppose it?
          04/02/2013 Diane Eager and John Mackay Bible / History / Language / People

          This question is beyond a shadow of a doubt taken from the words of the publishers of the new “Queen James Bible” for gays, which is now available and is a re-version of the King James Bible with editorial changes to make it pro-homosexual. The publishers state their reason for doing this as: “Homosexuality was first mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this – only interpretations have been made. Anti-LGBT Bible interpretations commonly cite only eight verses in the Bible that they interpret to mean homosexuality is a sin; Eight verses in a book of thousands! The Queen James Bible seeks to resolve interpretive ambiguity in the Bible as it pertains to homosexuality: We edited those eight verses in a way that makes homophobic interpretations impossible.” (LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual.)

          It is true the words “homosexuality” and “homosexual” do not appear in the King James Bible, which was printed in the year 1611, but the simple reason is that those words hadn’t even been invented, even though the sexual act between males is clearly described in the King James Version (KJV) Biblical record. e.g. from the Old Testament: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination” (Leviticus 18 22 KJV) and: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: (Leviticus 20:13 KJV). If you like to check the Apostle Paul’s use of the Greek word “arseno – koites” in 1 Corinthians 6: 9 (Strong’s number 733), which shouldn’t need any translation as a description of anal sex. Of course the similarity of the Greek to the vulgar Anglo Saxon ‘arse’ which has been doing the rounds for the past 1,000 years or so does not prove the case. You can either plug the English word homosexual into a modern online English Greek dictionary and find the translation is still arsenokoites, or you can trace the meaning from its parts arsen and koites which refers to men in bed. And when men are sleeping together – we think you’ve got the point.

          In 1 Corinthians 6: 9 chapter Paul wrote on the sinfulness of homosexuality. The King James Translators rendered the Greek as “abusers of themselves with mankind.” The word “homosexual” wouldn’t be available in English for at least another two and half centuries. The Oxford Dictionary informs us the word “homosexual” has its origin in the late 19th century, and is a blend of the words “homo” (from the Greek: homos, meaning ‘same’) and “sexual” (no explanation necessary).

          Many words have been added to the English language since 1611, and some of these are used in more modern translations of the Bible. As long as they are accurate translations of the original Hebrew and Greek this is quite appropriate, but it is no excuse for perverting the clear meaning of a passage, as the “Gay Bible” crowd have done. Acts of homosexuality (and Lesbianism) are clearly described in the Bible and exclusively mentioned in the context of condemnation and judgement, even in the New Testament, e.g. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; … For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” (Romans 1:18, 26-27 KJV)

          The argument that “only eight verses” interpret homosexuality as sin is no excuse for changing the meaning of any Scripture. Truth is never determined by the number of times something is mentioned in the Bible. God needs only tell us once to pronounce something right – or wrong!

          At the end of their introduction the Queen James publishers quote the famous verse: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) We would remind us all that the gift of everlasting life is given to those who repent of their sins, rather than pretend their sins don’t exist. The Apostle John reminds us: “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (I John 1:8-9)

          The Apostle Paul reminded the Christians at Corinth that they once participated in many sins that would exclude them from the kingdom of God, including being “effeminate”, and “abusers of themselves with mankind” as translated in the KJV. Modern translations use the word Homosexual here, which falls just a little short, as the King James Bible has translated two Greek words referring to both passive (effeminate) and active participants in homosexual acts (abusers). So much for “I am gay but not practising,” claim of some clergy! Paul then reminds the Corinthian Christians of the glorious truth: “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” (I Corinthians 6:11 KJV)

          By deceiving people into denying homosexuality is sin, the Queen James publishers are hindering their followers from receiving the wonderful gift of forgiveness and new life in Christ, and in so doing locking people out of Jesus’ Kingdom here and for eternity. They need to repent now and do so publically!

          For more information on this topic see the questions:

          Homosexual behaviour is widespread in animals. Doesn’t this prove it is a natural behaviour? Answer here. HOMOPHOBIA? Why do you people hate homosexuals if you claim God is a God of love? Answer here.

          You claim homosexuals are not born that way. What evidence do you have? Answer here.

          For a more indepth answer the last question see the Creation Research DVD Are You Born Homosexual? What the Bible Says.. Available from the Creation Research webshop.

          Addendum: You may also not have observed that the word “grandfather” does not appear in the original King James Bible, but has been used in later translations where it is an accurate description of a family relationship, e.g. 2 Samuel 9:7, which records David speaking to Mephibosheth. The original KJV is: “And David said unto him, Fear not: for I will surely shew thee kindness for Jonathan thy father’s sake, and will restore thee all the land of Saul thy father; and thou shalt eat bread at my table continually.” Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan, who was the son of Saul. Therefore, Mephibosheth was Saul’s grandson. Therefore, in later translations “Saul thy father” is rendered “Saul thy grandfather”, but this does not change the meaning – it just uses a different English word.


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    1. “Serving the poor and hungry in Africa …? WITH PAT ROBERTSON’S “BLOOD” DIAMOND MINES??

      The soul enters the body with the “breath of life,” according to the BIBLE.


  4. First, and least important, this article presents a false choice: that opposing so-called same-sex marriage on biblical grounds means that we cannot also focus on the poor and needy.

    Second, to understand the gospel, one must understand the extent and nature of his sin: that he is in rebellion against God. Homosexuality represents such rebellion against God and is a perversion of His created order. It says to God, “I know better than God what is good for me.” We are all sinners and have rebelled against God. We do a poor job of communicating the gospel when we ignore God’s teachings and His design. And, though we should care for the poor and needy, if we never speak the gospel, or if we choose to ignore sin, then we will ensure only that those who currently stand condemned to hell are well fed on their way there.

    Finally, and most importantly, God designed marriage as between one man and one woman for man’s good and as a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church. Christ affirmed marriage as between one man and woman, and the New Testament describes the church as the bride of Christ. God considered marriage extremely important. We should treat it no differently.

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    1. The entire point of the article is that we can disagree with same sex marriage, but we don’t have to engage in time-consuming and costly LEGAL BATTLES in order to prevent same sex marriage from becoming a law in the land. It’s about math. It’s about having $2 million dollars and if you spend $1 million on feeding the hungry and another $1 million on fighting court battles that you’re, based on precedent, going to likely lose, why not spend $2 million doing the things Jesus told us to do? This isn’t a false choice at all. Yes, you can fight court battles if you want, but that’s not the same thing as saying, “We oppose same sex marriage, but we’re going to give everything we’ve got to love people by meeting their most basic needs, especially because Jesus told us to do that.” So please, please, please hear me. Reread the post if you most. This is not about saying you can’t “oppose” same sex marriage. You can do that until your heart is content. But if we throw away resources on court battles, we’re saying that we’d rather stop gay people from marrying than ensuring people have food to eat and clean water to drink.


      1. Why do you continue to place the word oppose in quotation marks? The Bible is clearly in opposition to homosexuality. It feels like a mockery of our opposition to it as Christians.


      2. First—I always understood (and prefer) the differing opinions regarding gay marriage/homosexuality in the Christian world as “affirming” and “transforming”, not “affirming” and “non-affirming”. The use of “non-affirming” implies “against homosexual persons” which is not the case for those of us who accept people where they are, as God accepts us all where we are, but aims to transform us. Homosexual behavior is inconsistent with biblical teaching, if you use all the bible and view it as an authority, as many of us do. OK having said that, let me say that I understand your perspective and it is a new way of looking at things, and that’s always a plus. However, I would caution against making a claim, though implied, that God is displeased with whatever folks have spent in an effort to keep the definition of marriage as biblically understood. Though your point is well taken, I do not see that this is something you can, as a point of fact, “know”. There should be time and money spent to protect the rights of dissenters going forward e.g., the cake bakers, etc. who feel they cannot help celebrate a gay union by baking a cake, as it implies support for the same in their minds. That’s what’s been, and will continue to come like no doubt. I believe, as God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, that there is plenty to go around, money-wise. Also, there is much given in terms of time for those of us who do not have oodles of dollars to give. There are many ways to minister to the needy, not just via dollars. Thank you for your perspective.


        1. Ministers, cake bakers, flower arrangers are not going to be forced to participate in gay marriages. Read the 1st amendment to the Constitution. Polititions have been using that argument to stir up evangelicals and take their money for too many years. Back when it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry in certain parts of this country and the Supreme Courts decision was not accepted well by conservative religious people to allow such marriage. The argument of those opposing mixed race marriages used the Bible then. Was there ever an outcry of ministers,cake bakers,ect who were forced to participate in mixed marriages based on their biblical beliefs. Instead of letting these politicians take your money and lead you around by your noses apply some common sense. Remember the death panels that were in ObamaCare?????All of the conservatives have been very silent on that issue for years now, but it was a great issue for the politicians to get your money and your outrage back then. It is time religious people stop believing everything that comes out of a pols mouth


  5. I thank God for you Ed. At a time when I feel like I have to pull away from Christians in order to pull closer to Christ, I see words of wisdom from a brother in Christ and it reminds me that compassion and love can prevail among the brethren.

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  6. RESEARCH that flies in the face of this article – “As to the charge that the American church puts a disproportionate emphasis on social issues, that is actually a myth, as Rob Schwarzwalder and Pat Fagan recently demonstrated. They called this myth “utter nonsense, to the point of absurdity.” (Sadly, President Obama recently perpetuated this myth.)

    Schwarzwalder and Fagan point to a report from the Philanthropy Roundtable which indicated that, “In 2009, overseas relief and development supported by American churches exceeded $13 billion. … The $13 billion in religious overseas philanthropy also compares impressively to the $29 billion of official development aid handed out by the federal government in 2009.”

    These numbers absolutely dwarf the amounts given by Christians to ministries like Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.

    More importantly, pastors spend far more time emphasizing matters of practical living and spirituality than they do talking about social issues. Just ask yourself how many times you have heard your pastor talk about abortion or same-sex “marriage” compared to how many times you’ve simply heard him preach an edifying message from the Bible. Congregational giving would certainly reflect that emphasis as well.

    All that being said, I cringe when I see fellow-believers take on such a heavily political spirit that the great divide is no longer between God and Satan but between Republicans and Democrats, and I grieve when we forget that our ultimate battle is spiritual and that our ultimate mission is, in fact, to be disciples and to make disciples.”


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    1. A “heavily political spirit” is calling on Christians to stop fighting political/legal battles in order to obey the teachings of Jesus? If that’s heavily political, then I apologize for the neck pain you’re going to get from all of your “cringing”! 😉

      By the way, the fight for/against Proposition 8 alone resulted in a combined $83 million raised. You can’t tell me that money couldn’t have been better spent to give people clean water or that evangelicals weren’t key players in that political battle.


      1. Well..perhaps but this report doesn’t say anything of what Christian organizations were involved and how much was contributed. (In fact I think the mormon church was mostly behind that legislation) Sure 10’s of millions is a lot. Maybe you’ve got some better numbers, but I found this convincing that what you assert isn’t really correct. I’ll paste some good excerpts from this article and you can have a look at the whole thing if you want.

        As noted by The Philanthropy Roundtable:

        “In 2009, overseas relief and development supported by American churches exceeded $13 billion, according to path-breaking calculations by the Hudson Center for Global Prosperity. (This includes not just evangelical churches but also Catholic and mainline Protestant congregations, and covers both direct missions work and donations to private relief groups.) That compares to $5 billion sent abroad by foundations in the same year, $6 billion from private and voluntary relief organizations apart from church support, and $9 billion donated internationally by corporations. The $13 billion in religious overseas philanthropy also compares impressively to the $29 billion of official development aid handed out by the federal government in 2009.

        Catholic ministries, too, here and abroad are vibrant: How many Americans, of every faith and every economic status, have received world-class health care in Catholic hospitals? In total, The Economist magazine’s assessment of the Catholic Church’s estimated $170 billion total U.S. income finds that about 57 percent (roughly $97 billion) goes to “health-care networks, followed by 28 percent on colleges, with parish and diocesan day-to-day operations accounting for just 6 percent, with the remaining $4.6 billion going to ‘national charitable activities.’”

        So, what about socially conservative organizations and ministries that advocate around the issues (homosexuality and contraception, abortion) Of the major national conservative Christian groups that are involved in the political arena, here is a representative sampling of various financial reports:

        Susan B. Anthony List: $7 million

        Americans United for Life: $4.5 million

        Family Research Council: $15.2 million

        National Right to Life: $6.4 million

        National Organization for Marriage: $1.7 million

        Focus on the Family: $94.5 million

        Alliance Defending Freedom: $38.2 million

        I mean I’m no statistician, but it looks, percentage wise, its a pretty small fraction. Even if you rounded it up to 100 million, (correct my math if I’m wrong) but 100 million % of 150 billion is about .06%. So for every 100$ I donated to charity, I gave 6 cents to conservative organizations…

        Just a little bit on Jesus – Yes he talked a lot on frugal living and giving to the poor, but holy cow did he talk about moral reformation. And talked about hell more than any other prophet. Jesus expectations on sexual purity, in some ways exceeded the Torah and the prevailing traditions of his time. The impression one gets from Matt 5:27-33 (if your hand, eye, foot, causes you to sin, cut it off…” Is that Jesus took sexual sin seriously.

        Mark 2:17 ” I have come not to call the righteous but the sinners”

        “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” (‭Luke‬ ‭5‬:‭31-32‬ NIV)

        “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” (‭Luke‬ ‭15‬:‭7‬ NIV)

        John 15:6 “If anyone does not abide in Me, he is thrown away as a branch and dries up; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned.”

        To the paralytic John 5, “stop sinning or something worse will happen to you”

        “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news” (Mark 1:15, NIV)

        John 7;24 when being asked about the law, Jesus says “judge not according to appearance but judge with righteous judgement

        Also: Matthew 18:15,
        “If your brother or sister sins, go out and point out their sin between the 2 of you…”

        To the woman caught in adultery he said “I do not condemn you either- GO AND SIN NO MORE”

        The church needs to recapture the zeal of Jesus in reaching the “lost” and “sick” of society, including those engaged in homosexual practice. In the true spirit of Jesus, to seek and save practicing homosexuals does not mean confirming their conduct. It means actively seeking out and sharing a meal with them, taking a message of the kingdom of God to them and demonstrating through our own interest that God values them as a real human being who bares the image of the creator. It also means remembering that we too are sinners, numbered among those whom Jesus sought out, and recipients of his forgiveness. This is the difficult work of reconciliation, which avoids the two easy paths tolerance and isolation.

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        1. If Christians just focused on proclaiming the Gospel, I’m all for that. I never said that we shouldn’t do that. You’re reading an awful lot into my post if you think I’m opposed to things I didn’t discuss, such warning people about their sins or proclaiming the Kingdom of God. I was merely zeroing in on Matthew 25.

          If the overall giving toward charities exceeds legal fights, and I sure they do, that’s great. However, there is a ton of time and money still given to these battles. I just listed what happened in one state. Remember, there are 49 other states where similar legal battles have been fought. Once again, there’s nothing wrong with opposing same sex marriage in my eyes, it’s throwing away time and money in legal battles. That isn’t turning a blind eye. That’s getting priorities straight.


        2. “To the woman caught in adultery he said “I do not condemn you either- GO AND SIN NO MORE””

          I tell you what. When you stop a homosexual from being stoned to death, you can tell them to go and sin no more, right AFTER you tell everyone else that he who is without sin can cast the first stone.


  7. Since Christians are the ones who continually give more generously than any other group, why would you try to hinder that genuine giving by destroying their livelihoods. Just think of all the money they could continue tithing if they weren’t having their business shut down for refusing to bake cakes…. Talk about frivolous legal expenditures. The hostile proponents of SSM have made it their lives mission to legalize promoting desires of the flesh and you are going to lecture others on not doing enough? Really? Christians have been doing the heavy lifting the whole time.


    1. @Erwin, clearly you don’t truly understand the Same Gender issue related to marriage. It has nothing to do with legally “promoting desires of the flesh.” It has to do with being RECOGNIZED as a legal union in order to receive the same benefits. Anyone who reduces Same Gender Unions to “sex” issues, is clueless. Christians are regularly behind the times because you have your noses stuck in a book of fiction rather than being in the world celebrating differences and HELPING people. Why go out of your way to intentionally deprive other people of rights (that don’t change YOUR rights at all) on “moral” grounds, rather than taking all that time, energy, and resources to DO GOOD IN THE WORLD? You are in no position to judge ANYONE. “Morality” is a man-made concept. Religion is man-made. I live in the real world. I don’t buy into some fiction written thousands of years ago by a handful of men. If you claim the Old Testament is 100% true, then explain how it’s okay that Eve had sex with her son in order to continue procreating. After all, she was the only female created. Oh, are you going to claim that there were other women who popped out of nowhere like rabbits from a hat? If so, why are they not mentioned in your “Genesis” bunk? If we are to KNOW that the bible is rife with holes and contradictions, most likely missing a lot of true history, then it’s an edited work passed down through generations, like the game telephone, where it gets further from the truth as time goes on. Your “god” will certainly judge and punish you for being so close-minded and hateful of people different from you.


      1. “Morality” is a man-made concept. Religion is man-made. I live in the real world….Paige what on earth are you doing in this thread?

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        1. Colossians 4:5-6
          5 Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. 6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.


  8. While your post is very well-written, you miss the spiritual aspects of what the SCOTUS decision implies. Yes, we are to do all the other things you mentioned, but for the other side, it DOES boil down to us accepting and affirming them. None of the other causes matter to them if you are not PRO gay marriage. Sad to see how naive your ideas are, because our primary calling is not social justice and social causes, but the saving message of the Gospel.

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    1. It’s tough to preach the Gospel to people while they’re dying of dysentery. Matthew 25 is in the Bible for a reason. Not to exclude preaching the Gospel but because the Good News of the Kingdom is Jesus the Bread of Life and actual bread that sustains people. Why do you think Paul spent so much time collecting money from the Greek Christians in order to help feed the Jerusalem believers in a time of crisis? They go together. And the majority of LGBT activists I know are just tired of fighting this battle. There may be scare quotes from some radicals, but then we can find scare quotes from Christians who suggest bringing back stoning and such.


      1. Not to throw a wrench into the typical understanding of Matthew 25, but who are the sheep and the goats in Jesus’ story, and who are the least of these? Well…the sheep and goats are not “good” followers of God and ‘bad” followers of God- they are the nations, in Jesus’ day, the non-Jewish world, the non-godly world. And who are the least of these? Well, if you look at verse 40, Jesus says very clearly and specifically – “these brothers and sisters of mine.” He’s not talking about non-believers – he’s talking about those who follow Him, love the Father, and endure the scorn, hatred and persecution of the world in its antipathy to God poured out on Jesus and those who follow Him. Startlingly, Jesus seems to be saying that if non-believers do the things listed there – visit disciples of Jesus when they are sick, hungry, deprived, imprisoned and persecuted – it may be counted as righteousness, for doing good to them is like doing good to Christ Jesus. The Bible has plenty of admonitions and examples to love the poor ando good to those outside the kingdom- but not, repeat, NOT in Matthew 25. While it may make you feel good and superior to the unwashed rabble to hector them about spending money to defend the cause of those who’ve been persecuted for standing up for their religious rights, you are also joining the GLBT/government mafia in throwing principled believers under the bus of the state committed to its claim over every inch of life. And that claim, by the way, is what makes the Beast of John’s revelation the beast in every generation. You may think that a small thing, unworthy of any response…I disagree.


      2. Additionally…for whom did Paul collect the offering? Believers…not unbelievers. I agree with one thing – the wholesale abandonment of believers in Muslim lands to the hands of Jihadis is not worthy of the rest of the body of Christ. But I think it’s possible to render Caesar in a democracy what belongs to Caesar (which in America is not only taxes but active participation in the political societal process – including legal participation informed by biblical principles) and render to God the things that belong to God (like care for fellow believers and the unbelieving poor).


  9. Reblogged this on Grace Notes and commented:
    I have never re-blogged a post before, but I think this is a great reminder of the battles that Jesus truly calls us to fight. Matthew 25 gives us our marching orders as followers of Jesus. Thank you, Ed, for the reminder.


  10. Ed,
    I love your article and agree with your point of view, but you missed one when you said, “the most basic aspects of human dignity: food, shelter, clothing, justice, and sickness:” I beleive there were 6 phrases because there are 6 points. The first and second are not redundant or repetition in order to double down on feeding the hungry. One refers to physical hunger the other refer a thirst for knowledge so, “the most basic aspects of human dignity are [education,] food, shelter, clothing, justice, and sickness.”
    I’d also use slightly different wording for each point, but yours are in the same spirit as mine.


  11. Sin is sin you act as if homosexuality is worse than the sin you commit in your thoughts? All sin is equal in the eyes of God. How is anyone else different from a homosexual? All born human. All born in sin. People will continue to think sinful thoughts day in and day out and yet we condemn a homosexual for the acts he/she commits? A homosexual act is no different from the sinful thoughts that cross our minds on a second/minute/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/life basis. You can turn from the thoughts all you want but they will always be there. We are all born in and with it.


  12. I like it. Take God out of what we do and just do what results in the most good for some generic persons point of view about what good is.

    Theres almost a word to describe what that is….oh wait its two words….secular humanism.


  13. Christians are not called to fight for causes, or to stop the world from sinning. God has called us to preach the gospel and it is the power of the gospel (Christ) that will do the fight. The only times we are called to fight evil (sin) is when God calls us to fight the evil (sin) in our own lives.

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    1. I’m afraid you’re profoundly incorrect, at least according to Paul in Ephesians 4 and 5, particularly in 5:11. And please remember, Paul’s teaching about Christ Jesus is 20 years closer to the “historical Jesus” than the writers of Mark, Luke, Matthew and John (in chronological order of composition), so let’s not have any of that “Paul hijacked Jesus’ message” nonsense.


  14. I agree!! We should not spend our time and effort fighting people, and trying to force people to follow our cause. We should be living a life that inspires others to follow. Pointless litigation doesn’t help inspire others to the cause of Christ.

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  15. Reblogged this on Regeneration and commented:
    More than one of my friends has asked me why, as a Christian, I am supportive of equal rights as it pertains to marriage equality. The short answer is found in the question — it’s because I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus loves all people, died for all people, and is in favor of equal rights for all people.
    The Supreme Court vote isn’t a religious decision, it is a political decision. Still, as a Christian person and a patriotic person I am proud to be part of a nation that is working toward liberty and justice for all.
    The long answer is here:


      1. Ed: The wording and tone of your article perhaps sent a message you did not fully intend. As an Evangelical of baby-boomer, I felt “put-down.” You intimated that millennials among us would eventually reset the convictions of our branch of Christianity toward higher ground. Like many who have already shared, I believe the Evangelical branch of Christianity is already following the admonitions of Matthew 25 (imperfectly, I’m sure), while at the same time advocating for what we believe to be truth re. gay marriage. Others have pointed you to statistics for larger para-church organizations. On a smaller scale I ponder the budget of the large Foursquare church in which I was a member for 15 years (recently transferring to much smaller body within the same denomination). That church has built multiple wells in Africa, sent relief to disaster sites throughout the world, given thousands of $$$ to local schools, provides tutoring and upkeep of buildings/grounds in those schools, provides ongoing shelter and food to the homeless, is a leader in restoration ministry with the addicted and victimized, and works within prisons. You have presented a misleading and stereotypical picture of who we are and endeavor to be. We are “light and salt” within the world. While I believe God has ordered the institution of marriage to be between one man and one woman, I strive to love ALL and treat ALL with dignity and respect. I have family, friends, and associates within the LGBT community whom I dearly love and will continue to love. As the full Body of Christ (right, left and everything in-between) we need to agree to disagree on the gay-marriage issue, stop casting stones, and show the world we love/respect one another, as well as the world. Peace.


        1. Thanks for commenting Susan. I was really just trying to offer a thumbnail chronology based on what I believe the facts are about the various generations among evangelicals. I read the Pew Forum’s reports all of the time, and there’s no denying that LGBT issues will shift in the next 20 years. That wasn’t intended to be a smear against older generations, but all of the data says that the shift is coming.

          And perhaps I should have been a bit more clear about this, but the point of the post wasn’t that we do nothing to help the poor and give it all to “fighting the gays.” The point is that even with all that we do, massive needs exists, needs that Jesus fully expects us to address. And yes, of course we preach the Gospel, but isn’t it fascinating that one the first things the early church did after Pentecost was pool their resources together? The life change that Christ brings alters how we distribute our resources. So yes, of course charity, nonprofit and religious giving remains strong and even growing, but that doesn’t mean everything is awesome. There are massive needs that remain and we can ill afford to waste time and money on lost polictical, judicial and legal cases, even if one remains fully committed to opposing same sex marriage.


  16. God bless you. This is beautiful. My biggest struggle with evangelists who vehemently fight against same sex marriage (besides the obvious “Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t marry a gay person.”) is that it often seems to be based in fear, hatred and disgust. I would rather do things based on love, compassion and joy. So I do what I can to help others.

    I have many, many other qualms with those to opposed same sex marriage but we won’t get into that.

    Beautiful words, and clear responses to others. Thank you.


  17. As I said to one of my friends who prefers same-sex relationships, if he wants to go through the agony and pay the expense of a nasty divorce, he can be as miserable as the rest of us who’ve endured that situation. But the smart person will look into alternatives. There are wills, contracts between parties, living wills and other avenues to ensure that the family of a deceased partner doesn’t swoop down and take everything. If you trust someone enough to marry him/her, it should be an easy consideration.

    The supreme court knows they have no authority to make this decision under the law, and admitted it. It’s legislation from the bench, a problem that has slowly eroded our Republic for decades. It’s hard to know how far the government is going to go to enforce this ruling.

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  18. Thank you so much for this important article! Such important points, and written with an irenic and yet prophetic spirit!

    Would you consider deleting the word “their” in the phrase you wrote about ISIS? (“Christians in the Middle East have to flee their villages after ISIS invades, steals their women and children…”) That second “their” reads to many of us as if the women are not primary actors in this story, but only ISIS and the male Christians in the villages are. I’m sure that isn’t your intent. Thank you for your consideration of this request.


    1. I know why he wrote it this way (evidence of patriarchy) and you make an excellent point. Good catch!


  19. Thank you for this extremely well thought out and encouraging article. I am so relieved to see someone writing something that doesn’t involve hate. As an evangelical Christian, I am embarrassed (but certainly not surprised) by how the majority of the church has been acting. We should not be treating the LGBT community as an “issue “. They are PEOPLE. They need love just as much as anyone else. Christianity does not own marriage. And if you truly call yourself an American, then you would understand that the freedom you fight for is freedom for everyone, not just things in your political or moral agenda. I am a devout Christian, but the Bible is not a valid source for a national law when we are a country that has many religions. God bless ❤


  20. Gods judgement is not coming upon America, his judgement came upon his son Jesus. But the enemy’s attacs are.


  21. This article does point out matters which all Christians should be engaged in remembering James which tells us pure religion and undefiled before God is to take care of the widows and orphans and keep ourselves unspotted with the evil in this world. Also, there could be some argument the verse used is toward Christians “In Christ” people whom we are not helping, for Jesus said the deeds were really for Him or to Him or they were against Him if not done! Lost sinners outside of Christ could not be spoken of in that sense, because their father is Satan and Christ is no and will not consider what takes place against them as if it is a strike against Him. Saul of Tarsus proves the point it is about Christ Himself when we or anyone strikes at the Saints of God, which is whom they are really seeking to harm. We are to do good to all, help all if we can, do our best to relieve any suffering taking place, we may see and have opportunity to do. But the greatest things ANY Christian can do is alleviate or help alleviate the spiritual corruption that is taking place upon the peoples of this world. In other words, spiritual poverty and blindness about sin and the awfulness of perversions which keep people in bondage to the “worse’ malaldy there is on eaerth – SIN, in fact, worse than hunger, worse than having no job, worse than cancer, worse than any disease you can imagine, etc., yes, SIN is to be exposed, denied, spoken out against, and the remedy for it is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ our Lord who came to seek and save those who are lost. Yes, he fed the hungry at his meetings but the most important thing was not the hunger, nor the pain (for he only healed one man at the pool), but it was the sin and rebellion of man. He majored on sin and how He could deliver from it, forgive it, and warnings to stop it! He and John the Baptist considered sin to be the awful plague as we see John speaking out forthrightly about Herod’s sexual sin! So, if we love the lost, as we should, and pray for their salvation as we should, it is much more important to warn them of their sin which is taking them to hell and under the wrath of God. To major on physical needs over spiritual needs is making things out of order and is not biblical. Both are certainly engaged in by faithful saints around the world, but the most important is eternal everlasting life and a turning from sin and rebellion. Disease, hunger and clothing will not send you to hell or make holy. But sin will take you to hell and under the wrath of God for eternity. So you tell me which is more important and the one we should major on!! First is to deal with sin and the Gospel, along with that we can do the best we can to alleviate other matters as we are able. We must not put on the same level at all things like social justice, hunger, pain and suffering, for NOTHING can be placed alongside of the Gospel as if it or they are on the same level of importance for they are NOT.


  22. The tone and content of this column leave a haunting fear. The presuppositions are vague. Why do evangelicals need “official permission to fight for people in need – ” ? Perhaps, you are referring to some evangelicals with whom you disagree. The generalization simply does not fit.

    “There is room under the evangelical tent for both views on same sex marriage-” fails to express what those views might be. The evangelical community that is committed to the scriptures as being the very words of God and seeks to know Him through those scriptures, has little doubt as to what God expresses concerning homosexual behavior. The desire and passion to know Him drowns out the desire to conform to the current cultural movements. For a Christian, including evangelicals, there is one view – love God, obey God, grow in holiness and serve Him – yes, addressing the needs of this world. That serving very much includes the sharing of what pleases God as He reveals it in His Word.


  23. My dearest children,

    What is “right” and what is “wrong”? Do you really know? Is it your thought that I despise some things, while I love others?
    Do you think there is a word I have not heard? A sight I have not seen? A sound I do not know? I tell you, I despise nothing. None of it is repulsive to Me. It is life, and life is the gift; the unspeakable treasure; the holy of holies.
    I am life, for I am the stuff life is. Its every aspect has a divine purpose. Nothing exists—nothing—without a reason understood and approved of by God.
    Do you imagine that an event could take place if I did not want it to? Do you think that you could so much as lift your little finger if I chose for you not to? You can do nothing if I am against it.
    You cannot create a thing—not a thought, an object, an event—no experience of any kind—which is outside of God’s plan. For God’s plan is for you to create anything—everything—whatever you want. In such freedom lies the experience of God being God—and this is the experience for which I created you. And life itself.
    Evil is that which you call evil. Yet even that I love, for it is only through that which you call evil that you can know good; only through that which you call “the work of the devil” that you can know and do the work of God. I do not love hot more than I love cold, high more than low, left more than right. It is all relative. It is all part of what is.
    I do not love “good” more than I love “bad.” Even the most heinous criminals have gone to heaven. When you understand this, you will understand God.
    Everything is “acceptable” in the sight of God, for how can God not accept that which is? To reject a thing is to deny it exists. To say that it is not okay is to say that it is not a part of me—and that is impossible.
    Yet hold to your beliefs, and stay true to your values, for these are the values of your parents, of your parents’ parents, of your friends and of your society. They form the structure of your life, and to lose them would be to unravel the fabric of your experience. Still, examine them one by one. Do not dismantle the house, but look at each brick, and replace those which appear to be broken, which no longer support the structure.
    Your ideas about right and wrong are just that—ideas. They are the thoughts which form the shape and create the substance of Who You Are. There would be only one reason to change any of these; only one purpose in making an alteration: if you are not happy with Who You Are.
    Only you can know if you are happy. Only you can say of your life—“This is my creation (son), in which I am well pleased.”
    If your values serve you, hold to them. Argue for them. Fight to defend them.
    Yet seek to fight in a way which harms no one. Harm is not a necessary ingredient in healing.

    Realize that I have not said your values are wrong. But neither are they right. They are simply judgments. Assessments. Decisions. For the most part, they are decisions made not by you, but by someone else. Your parents, perhaps. Your religion. Your teachers, historians, politicians.
    Very few of the value judgments you have incorporated into your truth are judgments you, yourself, have made based on your own experience. Yet experience is what you came to this realm of the relative for—and out of your experience were you to create yourself. Instead you have created yourself out of the experience of others.
    If there were such a thing as sin, this would be it: to allow yourself to become what you are because of the experience of others. This is the “sin” you have committed. All of you. You do not await your own experience, you accept the experience of others as gospel (literally), and then, when you encounter the actual experience for the first time, you overlay what you think you already know onto the encounter.
    If you did not do this, you might have a wholly different experience—one that might render your original teacher or source wrong. In most cases, you don’t want to make your parents, your schools, your traditions, your holy scriptures wrong—so you deny your own experience in favor of what you have been told to think.
    Nowhere can this be more profoundly illustrated than in your treatment of human sexuality.

    Everyone knows that the sexual experience can be the single most loving, most exciting, most powerful, most exhilarating, most renewing, most energizing, most affirming, most intimate, most uniting, most creative physical experience of which humans are capable. Having discovered this experientially, you have chosen to accept instead the prior judgments, opinions, and ideas about sex promulgated by others—all of whom have a vested interest in how you think.
    These opinions, judgments, and ideas have run directly contradictory to your own experience, yet because you are loathe to make your teachers wrong, you convince yourself it must be your experience that is wrong. The result is that you have betrayed your true truth about this subject—with devastating results.
    I would that you could understand this: that I have never required anything from human beings, nor have I ever given orders to anyone. And I never will.
    And why is this? Because there is nothing that I want. And this is what you cannot understand or what you refuse to accept.
    There is nothing that God wants or needs.
    God demands nothing, commands nothing, requires nothing, compels nothing. Teach this in your seminaries, your shules, and your madrasas.
    God neither orders nor requests, insists nor expects, anything. Tell this to your young.
    I AM the author of Everything. I AM the Creator and Created. There is nothing that is that I am not. I have no need to give orders to anyone.
    To whom would I give orders? There is no one to command but Me. I am the All in All. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And whom would I punish were my orders not kept? Would I use my right hand to slap my left? Would I bite my nose to spite my face?
    And this is the contradiction you have created surrounding God. Everything your heart experiences about God tells you that God is good. Everything your teachers teach you about God tells you that God is bad. Your heart tells you God is to be loved without fear. Your teachers and your doctors of law, your priests and your ulamas, tell you that God is to be feared, for He is a vengeful God. You are to live in fear of God’s wrath, they say. You are to tremble in His presence. Your whole life through you are to fear the terrible judgment of the Lord. For God is “just,” you are told. And God knows, you will be in trouble when you confront the terrible justice of the Lord. You are, therefore, to be obedient to God’s commands. Or else.
    Above all, you are not to ask such logical questions as, “if God wanted strict obedience to His laws, why did He create the possibility of those Laws being violated?” Ah, your teachers tell you—because God wanted you to have “free choice.” Yet what kind of choice is free when to choose one thing over the other brings condemnation? How is “free will” free when it is not your will, but someone else’s, which must be done? Those who teach you this would make a hypocrite of God.
    You are told that God is forgiveness, and compassion (and that God “hates the sin, but not the sinner”)—yet if you do not ask for this forgiveness in the “right way,” of you do not “come to God” properly, your plea will not be heard, your cry will go unheeded. Even this would not be so bad if there were only one proper way, but there are as many “proper ways” being taught as there are teachers to teach them and beings in the universe.
    Most of you, therefore, spend much of your adult lives searching for the “right way” to worship God, to obey God, to serve God. The irony of all this is that I do not want your worship, I do not need your obedience, and it is not necessary to serve me.
    These behaviors are the behaviors historically demanded of their subjects by monarchs—egomaniacal, insecure, tyrannical monarchs at that. They are not Godly demands in any sense, and it seems remarkable that the world hasn’t by now concluded that the demands are counterfeit, having nothing to do with the needs of Deity.
    Deity has no needs. All That Is is exactly that: all that is. It therefore wants, or lacks, nothing—by definition.
    If you choose to believe in a God who somehow needs something—and has such hurt feelings if He doesn’t get it that He punishes those from whom He expected to receive it—then you choose to believe in a God smaller than you or I. You truly are Children of a Lesser God.
    No, my children, please let me assure you again, that I am without needs. I require nothing. Because God needs nothing, God requires nothing in order to be happy. God is happiness itself. Therefore, God requires nothing of anyone or anything in the universe.
    This does not mean that I am without desires. Desires and needs are not the same thing (although many of you have made them so in your present lifetime).
    Desire is the beginning of all creation. It is first thought. It is a grand feeling within the soul. It is God choosing what next to create.
    And what is God’s desire?
    I desire first to know and experience Myself, in all My glory—to know Who I Am. Before I invented you—and all the worlds of the universe—it was impossible for me to do so.
    Second, I desire that you shall know and experience Who You Really Are, through the power I have given you to create and experience yourself in whatever way you choose.
    Third, I desire for the whole life process to be an experience of constant joy, continuous creation, never-ending expansion, and total fulfillment in each moment of now.
    I have established a perfect system whereby these desires may be realized. They are being realized now—in this very moment. The only difference between you and Me is that I know this.
    In the moment of your total knowing (which moment could come upon you at any time), you, too, will feel as I do always: totally joyful, loving, accepting, blessing, and grateful.

    And when He was asked about the miracles that He performed, He answered,
    “Why are you so amazed? Know that these things, and more, shall you also do.
    For have I not said, ‘ye are gods?’ ”

    So, my wonderful children, always know that you are never not in my good graces. You have created in your imaginings a God whose feelings get hurt. My feelings do not get hurt. My sensibilities do not become offended. You cannot upset Me. You cannot make Me angry. I do not hate. Upset, hate, and anger are the very antithesis of Who and What I Am.
    You imagine that I am a Being like you, only bigger and more powerful, living somewhere in the universe—some kind of parent figure with ego needs and emotional agitations that match your own. Yet I tell you, that is not who and what I am.
    God is not a singular Super Being, living somewhere in the Universe or outside of it, having the same emotional needs and subject to the same emotional turmoil as humans. That Which Is God cannot be hurt or damaged in any way, and so, has no need to seek revenge or impose punishment.

    If you believe that God is some omnipotent being that is the creator and decider of all things, than you are mistaken.
    God is the observer, not the creator. And God stands ready to assist you in living your life, but not in the way you might expect.
    It is not God’s function to create, or uncreate, the circumstances or conditions of your life. God created you, in the image and likeness of God. You have created the rest, through the power that God has given you. God created the process of life and life itself as you know it. Yet God gave you free choice, to do with life as you will.
    In this sense, your will for you is God’s will for you.
    You are living your life the way you are living your life, and I have no preference in the matter.
    This is the grand illusion in which you have engaged: that God cares one way or the other what you do.
    I do not care what you do, and that is hard for you to hear. Yet do you care what your children do when you send them out to play? Is it a matter of consequence to you whether they play tag, hide and seek, or pretend? No, it is not, because you know they are perfectly safe. You have placed them in an environment which you consider friendly and very okay.
    Of course, you will always hope that they do not hurt themselves. And if they do, you will be right there to help them, heal them, allow them to feel safe again, to be happy again, to go and play another day. But whether they choose hide and seek or pretend will not matter to you the next day, either.
    You will tell them, of course, which games are dangerous to play. But you cannot stop your children from doing dangerous things. Not always. Not forever. Not in every moment until death. It is the wise parent who knows this. Yet the parent never stops caring about the outcome. It is this dichotomy—not caring deeply about the result—that comes close to describing the dichotomy of God.
    Yet God, in a sense, does not even care about the outcome. Not the ultimate outcome. This is because the ultimate outcome is assured.
    It is this doubt about ultimate outcome that has created your greatest enemy, which is fear. For if you doubt outcome, then you must doubt Creator—you must doubt God. And if you doubt God, you must live in fear and guilt all your life.
    If you doubt God’s intention—and God’s ability to produce this ultimate result—then how can you truly find peace?
    Yet God has full power to match intention with results. You cannot and will not believe in this (even though you claim that God is all-powerful), and so you have to create a power equal to God, in order that you may find a way for God’s will to be thwarted. And so you have created in your mythology the being you call “devil.” You have even imagined a God at war with this being (thinking that God solves problems the way you do). Finally, you have actually imagined that God could lose this “war.”
    All of this violates everything you say you know about God, but this doesn’t matter. You live your illusion, and thus feel your fear, all out of your decision to doubt God.
    But what if you made a new decision? What then would be the result?
    I tell you this: you would live as the Buddha did. As Jesus did. As did every saint you have ever adored.

    And know that those who taught you all about the rights and wrongs, the dos and don’ts, the shoulds and shouldn’ts were incorrect; these “rules” appear not in My world, but rather, in your imagination. I have never set down a “right” or “wrong,” a “do” or a “don’t,” a “should” or a “shouldn’t.” To do so would strip you completely of your greatest gift—the opportunity to do as you please, and experience the results of that; the chance to create yourself anew in the image and likeness of Who You Really Are; the space to produce a reality of a higher and higher you, based on your grandest idea of what it is of which you are capable.
    To say something—a thought, a word, an action—is “wrong” would be as much to tell you not to do it. To tell you not to do it would be to prohibit you. To prohibit you would restrict you. To restrict you would be to deny the reality of Who You Really Are, as well as the opportunity for you to create and experience that truth.
    There are those who say that I have given you free will, yet these same people claim that if you do not obey Me, I will send you straight to hell. What kind of free will is that? Does this not make a mockery of God—to say nothing of any sort of true relationship between us?

    And yes, there is hell, but it is not what you think, and you do not experience it for the reasons you believe or have given.
    Hell is the experience of the worst possible outcome of your choices, decisions, and creations. It is the natural consequence of any thought which denies Me, or says no to Who You Are in relationship to ME.
    It is the pain you suffer through wrong thinking. Yet even the term “wrong” is a misnomer, because there is no such thing as that which is wrong (there is only that which works and that which does not).
    Hell is the opposite of joy. It is unfulfillment. It is knowing Who and What You Are, and failing to experience that. It is being less. That is hell, and there is none greater for your soul.
    But hell does not exist as this place you have fantasized, where you burn in some everlasting fire, or exist in some state of everlasting torment. What purpose could I have in that?
    Even if I did hold the unGodly thought that you did not “deserve” heaven, why would I have a need to seek some kind of revenge, or punishment, for your failing? Wouldn’t it be a simple matter for Me to just dispose of you? What vengeful part of Me would require that I subject you to eternal suffering of a type and at a level beyond description?
    If you answer, the need for justice, would not a simple denial of communion with ME in heaven serve the ends of justice? Is the unending infliction of pain also required?
    I tell you there is no such experience after death as you have constructed in your fear-based theologies. Yet there is an experience of the soul so unhappy, so less than whole, so separated from God’s greatest joy, that to your soul this would be hell. But I tell you I do not send you there, no do I cause this experience to be visited upon you. You yourself, create the experience, whenever and however you separate your Self from your own highest thought about you. You, yourself, create the experience, whenever you deny yourself; whenever you reject Who and What You Really Are.
    Yet even this experience is never eternal. It cannot be, for it is not part of My plan that you shall be separated from Me forever and ever. Indeed, such a thing is an impossibility—for to achieve such an event, not only would you have to deny Who You Are—I would have to as well. This I will never do. And so long as one of us holds the truth about you, the truth about you shall ultimately prevail.
    So, no one will ever judge you ever, for why, and how, could God judge God’s own creation and call it bad? If I had wanted you to be and do everything perfectly, I would have left you in the state of total perfection whence you came. The whole point of the process (for coming to the realm of the relative) was for you to discover yourself, create your Self, as you truly are—and as you truly wish to be. Yet you could not be that unless you also had a choice to be something else.
    Should I therefore punish you for making a choice that I Myself have laid before you? If I did not want you to make the second choice, why would I create other than the first?
    These are questions you must ask yourself before you would assign Me the role of a condemning God.
    It is your religions and your teachers that have told you of a condemning God, an angry God, a jealous God, a God who needs to be needed, a God that has requirements. And that is not a God at all, but a neurotic substitute for that which would be a deity.
    For a true Master is not one with most students, but one who creates the most Masters.
    A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most leaders.
    A true king is not the one with the most subjects, but one who leads the most to royalty.
    A teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but one who causes the most others to have knowledge.
    And a true God is not One with the most servants, but One who serves the most, thereby making Gods of all others.
    For this is both the goal and glory of God: that His subjects shall be no more, and that all shall know God not as the unattainable, but as the unavoidable.
    I would that you could this understand: your happy destiny is unavoidable. You cannot not be “saved.” There is no hell except not knowing this.

    And my dear children, in further concerning this thing that you call “hell,” I want to bring you a New Revelation. (Because God has never stopped communicating with human beings. God has been communicating with and through human beings since the beginning of time. God does so today.) Consider this New Revelation carefully. Look deeply into its larger message.
    You cannot die, and you will never be condemned to eternal damnation.
    Know that this is true, and it will change everything, the moment you decide to live it as your personal truth.
    Most of your world’s religions have taught the first three words of this truth, yet what they have said to you after those three words has turned this truth into a nightmare.
    They have told you that your soul never dies, but they have also told you that your soul could spend eternity in hell. And their description of what could cause you to spend eternity in hell—as well as what could cause you to spend it in heaven—has created a hell on earth. For some religions have taught that killing others for the “right reasons” will send you straight to heaven, while others have taught that believing in God, but doing it in the “wrong way” or doing particular things that God says is “wrong” will send you straight to hell.
    I declare to you now that these teachings are wholly and completely inaccurate.
    They were brought to your world not by God, but by human beings. Human beings who assumed that God must be angry, vindictive, and retributive, because humans are angry, vindictive, and retributive.
    Human beings who imagined that God must be petty, nitpicking, particular, and exclusive, because humans are petty, nitpicking, particular, and exclusive.
    Human beings who imagined that God designed eternal life based on a system of reward and punishment because humans designed life on Earth based on a system of reward and punishment.
    Reward and punishment is a human social convention, having nothing to do with divinity. It is not a divine notion at all, but a human contrivance replacing the divine notion of unconditional love.
    Reward and punishment is the human attempt to express the Life Principal of Adaptability. Humans created “rewards” and “punishments” in order to cause themselves to adapt their behaviors to what they imagine God wants. Yet this social convention is distorted by the fallacies that humans hold about God and Life—and thus, some humans exhibit behaviors that no God could ever want.
    There are many millions of people who do not do that, of course. People who are beautiful in the depth of their soul, and who spread beauty wherever they go.
    There are people who teach only love, and people who heal by their very beingness. You all know these kinds of people. It is quite likely that you are one of them.
    And so to you goes humanity’s thanks. On you rests humanity’s hopes. In you resides humanity’s highest vision.
    It is a vision that soars behind humanity’s limited beliefs in things that are not true.
    For those who see this vision dream the dreams of angels, and I declare that I will help you create that dream, and turn it into reality. The choice is yours.
    And how is it possible to dream the dream of angels?

    Dream of a world in which love is the answer to every question, the response to every situation, the experience in every moment.
    Dream of a world in which Life, and that which supports Life, is the highest value, receives the highest honor, and has its highest expression.
    Dream of a world in which freedom becomes the highest expression of Life, in which no one who claims to love another seeks to restrict another, and in which all are allowed to express the glory of their being in measure full and true.
    Dream of a world in which equal opportunity is granted to all, equal resources are available to all, and equal dignity is accorded to all, so that all may experience equally the unequaled wonder of Life.
    Dream of a world in which judgment in never again visited by one upon another, in which conditions are never again laid down before love is offered, and in which fear is never seen as a means of respect.
    Dream of a world in which differences do not produce divisions, individual expression does not produce separation, and the greatness of The Whole is reflected in the greatness of its parts.
    Dream of a world in which there is always enough, in which the simple gift of sharing leads to that awareness—and creates it, and in which every action supports it.
    Dream of a world in which suffering is never again ignored, in which intolerance is never again expressed, and in which hatred is never again experienced by anyone.
    Dream of a world in which ego is relinquished, in which Superiority is abolished, and in which Ignorance is eliminated from everyone’s reality, reduced to the Illusion that it really is.
    Dream of a world in which mistakes lead not to shame, regrets lead not to guilt, and judgment leads not to Condemnation.
    Dream of a world in which the God and Goddess in you is never denied, and in which you never again deny the God and the Goddess in another. Let your greeting, both now and forevermore, be Namasté (which means: the God in me recognizes the God in you).
    Dream of these things, and more.
    Do you choose them?
    Then dream them into being.
    With the might of your dreams, end the nightmare of your reality.
    You can choose this.
    Or, you can choose the Illusion.
    It has been said to you before, through the words of poets and leaders and philosophers: There are those who see the world as it is and ask, “Why?” And there are those who dream of things that never were and ask, “Why not?”
    What do you say?

    Again and again I tell you, you cannot die, and you will never be condemned to eternal damnation.
    With this New Revelation comes your vision. Through it comes your freedom and your movement into your True Self.
    When you understand that you are not your body and that Who You Are never can, and never will, die, AND . . . when you understand that you will never be condemned by a judgmental, angry, and vindictive God . . . THEN will your lifelong worries about your happy survival be over.
    The end of these worries will transform you completely, causing you to interact with the world in an entirely new way. You will become, quite literally, a New Human. You will live, quite naturally, a New Spirituality. And you will create, quite spontaneously, a New Society.
    You will be thrilled at the new way in which you look at life, see other people, and treat them. You will be uplifted by the new priorities you will set and the new ideas you will hold about what is important and what is not—to say nothing of what you will think is important enough to kill or hate each other over.
    You will be amazed at how you have been walking around in circles all these years, as if in a maze. Your entrapment in this cycle of violence has been an a-maze-ment, and your release from this cycle of violence will be achieved by your at-one-ment, or what you would call atonement.

    I repeat, there are no “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts” in God’s world. Do what you want to do (and believe what it is you want to believe in). Do what reflects you, what re-presents you as a grander version of your Self. If you want to feel bad about something, feel bad.
    But judge not, and neither condemn, for you know not why a thing occurs, nor to what end.
    And remember this: that which you condemn will condemn you, and that which you judge, you will one day become.
    Rather, seek to change those things—or support others who are changing those things—which no longer reflect your highest sense of Who You Are.
    Yet bless all—for all is the creation of God, through life living, and that is the highest creation.
    And know this my beloved children: each one of you is as special and precious as every other human being who has ever lived, lives now, or ever will live. And you are all messengers. Every one of you. You are all carrying a message about life every day. Every hour. Every moment. Namaste.



  24. Unfortunately, I just cannot ignore science, nature, or the men I have encountered and known who were molested by pedophile homosexuals. There are known links between being molested as a boy and homosexual tendencies. Although I rebuffed the advances of homosexual men who found me attractive when I was an adolescent, there is no question in my mind that homosexuality is perverse, unnatural, deleterious, harmful, and evil. I know plenty of men who are so confused, angry, and self-loathing because they were drawn into homosexual relationships. I celebrate those who have broken free, but they are few and far between, and only through true Christianity. The article is obviously well-meaning, but the author is apparently easily swayed by stage-one thinking. Such thinking does not consider stage two or three. I guess I am increasingly in the minority when I say that men and women are different. When the state says the coupling of men with men and women with women are equal to heterosexual couplings, the stage two analysis will be that kids are just as properly raised by gay couples as by straight. In other words, kids derive no special benefit from having a mom and a dad. As someone who works with 40,000 inmates on a daily basis, I can assure you this is simply not true. The author mentions prisons and suggests that the burgeoning incarcerated population would have been better served through treatment programs. Not so. The inmates are almost exclusively from single-parent homes. Most had moms, but no dads. Nobody to teach them about authority, boundaries, character, righteousness, honor, integrity. And so the State must do so. As much as we all need moms, we all need dads too, and vice versa. Stage three thinking takes into account the fact that children are being robbed of their childhood because of the homosexual agenda. I must now not only teach my children about the birds and the bees, but about birds and birds and bees and bees–that some people prefer unnatural perverse sexual relationships because they feel good. And then I have to explain why sick folks like the Man-Boy Love Association are well-positioned for litigating acceptance of their disgusting behaviors. (NAMBLA.ORG) Those of us who fight may be few, but we are far from gifted by the Supreme Court’s decision as the article’s title indicates. The battle to protect our children from just behaving according to what feels good continues on all fronts. Jesus expects us all to go and leave our lives of sin, just as he expected the woman caught in adultery to do. He also did not come to bring peace, but a sword. (Mt. 10:34) Those who opt not to fight any more, or who think that Jesus would have quietly accepted the sinful behaviors of those around him have missed his command that we are to be salt and light, lest we become useless for his purpose. (Mt. 5:13)

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    1. I have always liked the saying, “You cannot see the forest for the trees.” Reading your blog made me wonder if you were missing the trees by seeing only the forest. If science and nature truly do have merit, examine the evidence for yourself first hand in peer reviewed journals. I think you will find a lot of your observations subjectively and empirically inconsistent with the actual data properly collected and recorded to date. I was curious about one thing you stated and sincerely did not understand. How are involved with 40,000 prisoners on the daily when the largest prison I know of is the Louisiana State Penitentiary housing I think just over 5,000. I was curious because I have been praying about prison ministry lately and that would be an amazing opportunity if one could reach that many people with the gospel. Thanks! 🙂


      1. Prison ministry has been by far the most rewarding ministry I’ve ever been involved in. The men I’ve worked with have been eager to learn how to pray both for themselves and for each other. They are eager to share the Gospel with their fellow inmates, and the most rewarding thing in the world is seeing the glow on a prison inmate’s face when he finally understands the love of God. Prison ministry is very life-giving, and nothing will make you depend on God’s Spirit like ministering to people with deep brokenness and needs. Please do get involved in prison ministry and bring along as many friends as you can. I highly recommend working with an Alpha Course.

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  25. The way you stand for righteous behavior is to live righteously. If I do not believe in same sex marriage I will not do it anyway. I am not going to force others who may not believe in God or understand Him like I do to obey Him. That is a Satanic method used by radical Islam. We don’t like it when Islamist impose their views about what righteousness is on minority Christians in their countries. How can we use the opposite logic on issues that only have moral implications for Christians. When God put the two in the Garden he told them what not to do…and then he let them choose whether to obey or not. He did not force them to obey. There are consequences for all disobedience and we do not have to wait until time ends to experience them. God loves us so much that before time He planned an escape route for us out of the devastating consequence of our rebellion. Sinners are not enemies of the righteous–Satan is. Most followers of Jesus have not even obeyed Jesus’s central command to make disciples. His idea was that we would introduce people to Him and help them to follow Him if they chose to do so. Somehow I do not think our decision to emphasize a mission that God did not give to us (force people to obey God on the pain of legal penalty) is going to fly with Him when we are brought to our knees before Him. I appreciate the Spirit that motivated the words of this article. If we are true disciples of Jesus we will do what He di and not do what He did not do. At the beginning of His ministry He was offered management of Satan’s dominions (that would be the world–governments) by bowing to Satan’s methodologies. Fortunately for us He chose to take Judgment on the cross rather than to render it politically. The only authority that should be of importance to followers of Jesus is the one that sits on the throne in Heaven. The rest of them are irrelevant. If we do the mission that God has sent us on which is one of love and reconciliation rebellion wont seem so attractive. The world that Jesus lived in was every bit as pagan as the world and country we are in. He cam to save and not to condemn. We just ask people if they want to get on the Ark….but we don’t force them to walk the gangplank. Disobedient ‘religious leaders’ are misleading us about God’s mission when they collect our money and tilt at the windmills that moral issues have become in Satan’s political world.


  26. I literally just pulled up WordPress to write about this very thing and use this very Scripture, but he says it so much better than I would have. Amen to the a to the men!


  27. This article is an example of 2 Timothy 4:3-4

    3 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,
    4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

    Sure it’s good and right to live according to Matthew 25, but what about 1 Corinthians?

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    1. Thanks for quoting that verse. Now I know why some people keep talking about their ears itching. And to think I bought all of this cortisone to hand out…

      And I never said that we should ignore 1 Corinthians. I encouraged people to follow their convictions on LGBT questions. I’m specifically addressing the way that legal battles pull away time and resources that could be better spent feeding people who are starving or in need. Case in point, who was the TIME person of the year? The Ebola fighters. And why did they go fight Ebola? Because of Jesus. And suddenly we saw articles in mainstream publications noting how Christian groups were leading the fight against Ebola. Isn’t that a way better to testify to the Gospel than legislating morality?


  28. As a non-Christian, permit me to say that I very much like what you have written here. That having been said, don’t hold your breath waiting for evangelical Christians to follow your advice.

    I live in Alabama, and probably 90% of the Christians I interact with are evangelicals of one denomination or another. With some very limited exceptions, they do not see the sort of compassion-driven work that you are urging upon them as a virtue, but rather as a character flaw. Because, you see, anyone who is hungry or sick, or thirsty, or alone is that way solely because of some moral failing on their part, and therefore no good Christian should do anything to help them unless and until they amend their ways.

    This exemplifies the locally-common mindset that one cannot be a good Christian without also being the most conservative of social conservatives as well. Yet all it really does is make them the poster children for Galbraith’s observation: “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

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    1. I understand your frustration, but here’s some good news for you: this post has been read and shared by a lot of people, and the overwhelming response has been positive. I know you can see plenty of dissenting comments here, but they truly are just a small fraction of the people who found that this post put something into words for them. Whether or not they are fully affirming on LGBT issues, they recognize that the Gospel of Jesus and the Kingdom of God means we preach with both words and deeds.


  29. Nice piece. But it’s so far away from what Christianity is in the real world that it just as well be a different religion. The argument here is for being a good, decent, responsibly moral person, which could be secular humanist or Christian. Sure, we can easily align with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, but goodness itself is a better label for goodness than “Christianity” is at this point. Let the chaff blow.


  30. I agree with what you wrote. I also know that the church’s try their best to fill all of those needs. The problem is the need is greater then the resource. The American church is a small per cent of the population. Like it or not all these needs take a lot of money. So our churches have committed to praying for the resource to help with the problems. So please don’t accuse the church of not helping. We do what we can!


  31. I’ve struggled with this issue, even now in light of the recent ruling. My biggest struggle is with the legislation of faith. We all can disagree with certain laws, we may judge them immoral or petty or evil. In our republic, it is to be expected that not everyone will be pleased with all of the laws of the land.
    That being said, as Christians, is it our duty to codify our faith into legislation? If so, are we forcing our beliefs on the rest of the nation? Is that wise and necessary? Better yet, is it what we are called to do? We all know the great commission, but does that mean forcefully bringing nations to faith in Christ Jesus?
    Better yet, does Paul call us to legislate the behavior? Within the church, I believe so. Paul talks a lot about the hierarchy of the church and how it should be governed. Is he also talking about how the church should rule the nation it resides in?
    I believe the court decision would have come sooner or later. And I think within each of our hearts, we knew this decision would come. The question becomes now: are we to continue our ‘legislation of faith’ and make our rules everyone else’s rules?


  32. Imagine yourself, Luke Skywalker skimming just over the surface of the Death Star, an endless barrage of deadly fire exploding all around; each miss a tiny miracle of life; you’re hell bent on surviving just long enough to get close enough to fire a tiny missile into an even smaller hole which happens to be a simple exhaust vent and, defying logic and the odds, is overlooked by designers neglecting even the slightest amount of defensive armor. You are the only fighter pilot to survive the attack run and on final approach you know the odds of escaping are beyond astronomical, so with complete abandon and with one chance, one shot, one hope for all humanity, you stay your course, grit your teeth, and with your finger pressed nervously against the trigger, your whole body violently shaking as one with your embattled craft you wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…the target locks! Growling through your teeth, you squeeze hard and take the shot! You hold your breath as time seems to stand still for a moment and then you realize you hit it. You don’t have to see it but you know in your heart a chain reaction began immediately with the tiny explosion of armament you successfully deliver. The hull of the impenetrable is penetrated and the impossible is actually overcome. The Death star, impervious to destruction, becomes the Fallen Star and all because one brave individual in one lonely, broken craft with one seemingly insignificant round of munitions into one unimaginably small forgotten opening in an otherwise perfectly protected fortress did what had to be done and defied the odds like faith in a mustard seed. Saten has lulled the Church to sleep behind such a fortress and your mission to speak this truth may seem like a suicide mission, sharing a seemingly minuscule and insignificant message through a tiny blog through a spurious barrage of hostile and indifferent comments from every side. Your impact will be profound. Stand firm, my friend– Stay on target….Stay on target! Your Father is proud of you.


  33. When it comes to the issue of same gender sexuality and same sex marriage all I can pray is Lord save us from your wellmeaning followers. If we put as much effort into sharing the gospel in love and showing love to each other as Christ expected of His disciples, then the world would begging to follow Christ. At the moment Christiandom has done a sad, but brilliant job of sabotaging itself. The devil must be laughing his evil head off. There is a bigger cancer in American Christianity since the nations inception and its called Racism. And folks have the gall to worry about what others want to legally do in their bedrooms??? If it was not so sad it would be hilarious.


  34. I think the premise of this piece is wrong from the outset. The premise is that evangelicals are focusing most of their resources on “social advocacy,” and as a result, are neglecting or short-changing “humanitarian relief.” All the author had to do is go to and look up the Form 990 filings for 501(c)(3) organizations to see which ones get the majority of charitable giving. I did just that. Here is a representative sample of how much revenue was received last year by some of the major national social advocacy vs. humanitarian relief organizations:

    Alliance Defending Freedom – $40 million
    American Center for Law and Justice – $16 million
    Family Research Council – $13 million
    National Right to Life – $6 million

    World Vision – $980 million
    Compassion International – $716 million
    Samaritan’s Purse – $460 million
    Prison Fellowship – $38 million

    So you tell me where evangelicals are devoting most of their resources. The numbers above speak for themselves.

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    1. Phil, t
      he use of statistics is deceptive. Where the Bible describes and depicts personal concern your statistics only tally impersonal concern to the tune of 1.2 billion. The Church of Acts 6 did not contribute to an agency that siphoned off the greatest percentage and then made distribution to the poor. What came in for the needy went back out in total to help poor widows. Giving in the early church had no tax benefit.
      Let us be generous and say that 40% of 2.18 billion actually make it to some kind of human need that would be 785 million dollars. George Barna says that about 9 % of the U.S. population is born again believers (27 million souls). So about 30 dollars per adult born again believer makes it to a useful target. There is a tax benefit of about 7 dollars so actual personal outlay ends up being about 23 dollars per year and that for organizational giving, not very much.
      You have assumed that giving to these groups is Biblical and Godly and I am saying that if I accept your assumption it is a pitiful number and not very well administered. God enriches us so that we personally as His representative can change the ‘need landscape’ in a way that give Him immediate and personal credit. When I and the local congregation are active to relieve suffering we ‘bringing Jesus with us’. We render aid in Jesus name, we make friends, God gets the credit and people in need see that God helps them personally because He loves them. 30 dollars a year is not much love given for the enormous wealth that we live in the midst of. I think this is part of the point the author is making here. When those around us see that we are personally interested in them then God will seem more credible to them.
      So what about the paltry 75 million that is invested in political action? This may hurt your feelings but possibly it is money offered to an idol and all of it is sin. Jesus was not the least bit interested in politics. Satan offered Jesus all of the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would bow down to him. To bow down means to submit to Satan’s methodologies—manage the world by politics and war. Thankfully Jesus declined this offer and chose to advance the power of Heaven by self sacrificing love, the kind of love that hangs out with people who are in rebellion against God. He did not go to the religious leaders to help him with this mission because they were all about stoning sexual sinners….half of them. The men were allowed off the hook. The women..well , that brings up the next part of this whole dismal mess.
      In the last 70 years pornography has reached dizzying heights of availability and with it more vicious and brutal sexual abuses of women and children on an unprecedented scale. I have close friends who are or were lesbian/homosexual and almost without exception they were misused sometimes in a marriage but often and at a very young age. Some of what we see in homosexual trends is the result of abuse and the effort of the wrecked and ruined to find a safe sexual relationship. Children are not able to contextualize the emotions and feelings of sexuality and this experience at a young age has the same effect that methamphetamine has on the adult. They become sexually precocious. If a man forced their sexuality on a female child and was abusive then they don’t like men and same gender sex is safe. If the child is a male then the unnatural experience no longer seems unnatural to them and they may seek it from the same source later. The church is tasked to look out for widows and orphans in their affliction-to provide protection to the weak and vulnerable. This requires huge personal involvement and a $30 check won’t do. You want to turn the tide on sexual sin? Actively participate in the lives of vulnerable people.
      All of the moralizing about gay rights ignores the terrible web of interconnected disobediences that lead to a specific symptom of sin. Romans 1 articulates the problem well. Homosexuality, poverty, disease, crime all track back to generational chaos. Jesus came to break the chain of chaos and He has invited us to participate in this mission of love.
      Phil you missed this authors point. When people KNOW you love them they might seek healing in Jesus but if sight unseen they view you as someone who is against THEM your message of goodwill in Jesus means nothing. You don’t even know the abuses that turned them.


      1. Sir, the numbers I presented were only a small snapshot to illustrate a point: I think the author is wrong in saying that evangelicals are not doing enough to help the poor and needy. I chose four agencies to make that point and show that what evangelicals give to them far surpasses what they give to political advocacy. Obviously, those four agencies do not represent the totality of what evangelicals give to help the poor, so your $30 per person figure is meaningless. My local church, for example, runs a food bank, and that alone is an investment of $30,000 per year in money given to help the poor. On top of that, we also have a benevolence fund that distributes almost the same amount to help needy people with food, clothing, rent, etc. So right there, you have one church investing almost $60,000 every year to help the poor and needy, and 100% of the money goes to the recipients.

        I completely agree that true care for the poor should come from the church, not from the government. The creation of the welfare state has been the most destructive thing imaginable to biblical care for the poor. But I do not agree that it is unbiblical to give to other agencies as well, especially gospel-oriented agencies like Samaritan’s Purse and Prison Fellowship. Just as not every Christian can be a missionary in a foreign land, neither is every Christian called to minister to prison inmates and other vulnerable members of society. God has laid a vision on the hearts of certain believers to do that work, and he uses other believers to fund the work. A friend of mine refers to this as “gospel patronage”: Christians who use the resources God has given them to fund other Christians whom God has called to do gospel ministry. The biblical model for gospel patronage is seen in Luke 8:3, where Joanna and Susanna and several others “provided for them [Jesus and his disciples] out of their means” so that Jesus and his disciples could travel and proclaim the gospel.


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