The One Thing That Will Improve Your Writing Today

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penI read a lot of books, book proposals, and articles, and there’s one thing  you can work on today that will both improve your writing and help it stand out from the pack. It’s not hard to do. It just requires a sharper eye and greater intentionality while you write.

You can improve your writing today by improving your transitions.

Excellent writing has smooth transitions.

Sometimes the transition is a minor switch from an anecdote to a key idea. Sometimes the transition is from one chapter or scene to another. The words you write that lead from one section into another can make or break your writing.

A poor transition is where you’ll lose readers.

A poor transition will make readers scratch their heads as they wonder where your writing is taking them. If you lose your readers, they’ll find something else that will grab their attention and hold it.

I hear a lot about the importance of a powerful opening that engages readers from the start, but it’s also important to stay connected with readers. They need to see how each new idea and story builds on the one before.

Ideas won’t survive as islands. They thrive when joined together by transitions. Without transitions, your readers may end up lost at sea.