New Series Next Week: Writing and Time Management

After receiving a lot of positive feedback about my last series of posts on five great things that don’t sell a lot of books and two things that do, I’ll be posting a new series next week on writing and time management.

Since I began writing full time this past August I’ve been learning a lot about managing my time and projects. When the whole day is set before me I can do anything I like. Will I dive into important projects? Or will I fritter my time away on social media or projects that won’t help pay the bills?

It’s easy to sound like a mercenary in these posts, but the truth is that writers need to figure out a way to earn a living wage. If we can pay the bills with some projects, then we’ll be free to pursue the work we enjoy that may not pay.

Words like balance and priorities come up a lot in these posts.

After six months of living the freelance life, I’ve discovered some ways that I can make the most of my writing time. I think they’ll help you stay on track with your writing as well. Be sure to drop by next week.