The Best E-Mail Newsletters Service for Writers and Artists

I’ve spent a lot of time and even a little money looking into e-mail newsletter services. I think my search is finally over.

A friend of mine who’s an editor and an agent, a guy who strikes me as pretty smart and sharp, sent out a very professional-looking e-mail newsletter with Mail Chimp. I’m pretty sure he used the free option.

I’ve already been using the Mail Chimp two-column newsletter template for two years. It’s sharp, easy to customize, and easy to read. Now I’m sold on Mail Chimp as a newsletter service.

Most services either have a monthly fee or a steep one-time fee. In my own case, I’m sending out a newsletter once a month to just over 100 subscribers. I have no longer have any interest in buying a service such as AWeber with all of the bells and whistles. In fact, I found AWeber a bit too advanced and expensive ($20 per month) for my needs. Perhaps it’s the best bet for a large company, but all I want to do is safely send nice-looking newsletters and look at a few stats regarding who opened it and what they clicked on.

That’s right, I know who reads my newsletters.

Mail Chimp does all of that, and now is offering a plan called Forever Free. Your contact list can grow to 500 subscribers and you have 3,000 sends per month. So even at the top end of your subscription limit, you can send 6 newsletters per month. In addition, the newsletter set up, subscriber list import, and dashboard features are ridiculously intuitive.

I found AWeber unnecessarily difficult to navigate, and the newsletter set up features confusing. I lost a couple e-mail drafts because it’s so darn quirky. They constantly offered webinars to teach you how to use the service, but I’d much rather use a service I can figure out the first time I use it. I know AWeber has its evangelists, but I’m now a believer in Mail Chimp.

For a writer or an artist who simply wants to keep in touch with friends and to offer some free content and promotions, I can’t imagine ever needing anything other than Mail Chimp.