Brainstorm ideas for the rest of the chapter into a draft outline

Part two on writing a nonfiction chapter:

Now that you’ve done some free writing and brainstorming, it’s time to organize and brainstorm a bit more within a rough chapter structure. Think about the progression of ideas, how you will connect them, and how you want to wrap up the chapter.

Is there something you can lead off with and then reference at the end of the chapter? Are there controlling themes or metaphors that you can place throughout the chapter? Where will you need additional research and facts?

This is the time to identify the holes in your chapter while also providing an overarching structure. I generally write out the section headings separately so I have a bird’s eye view of the chapter without having to read through it. You can expand on this outline draft as you continue writing.

Posts in this series:

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  2. Brainstorm ideas for the rest of the chapter into a draft outline.
  3. Continue writing based on this outline
  4. Integrate quotes and research into the chapter
  5. Read through the chapter to sharpen the outline and fill in gaps.
  6. Revise your chapter draft.