The Coffeehouse Theology Blog Tour

The Coffeehouse Theology blog tour is picking up steam and our schedule is filling up. Bloggers will be sharing their reviews and/or thoughts throughout the month of October and into November. There are a number of bloggers who have not yet received books or are not quite ready to settle on a date, so this is a somewhat tentative list that will be updated over time. The complete list of bloggers can be found here.

I think it’s important to note that while blog tours are a form of promotion for a book, I hope this will be a springboard for fruitful discussion about the role of theology in the church. I especially hope that theology will strengthen the church and build greater unity in our common love for God, even if our beliefs aren’t quite the same across the board. In some cases I have sought out bloggers from different perspectives, and if a few come through with reviews, you’ll find that I’ve even asked bloggers to review the book even though I have every reason to believe they’ll disagree with me. I’m looking forward to discussing a wide array of reviews and reactions.

Without further ado, here is a list with most of the bloggers on the tour. I’m grateful for their contributions.

October Dates

1 Grace

2 Makeesha Fisher

3 Marla Saunders

6 Joel Newton and Christine Sine

10 John Morehead

12 Andrew Tatum

13 DJ Chuang

15 Scott Berkheimer

17 John O’Hara

19 Tod Bolsinger

20 Adam Walker Cleaveland

21 Amy Spiegel

22 Laurence Tom

24 Molly Aley and Heather A Goodman

25 Andy Rowell

26 Adam Malliet

27 Brother Maynard and Tripp Fuller

28 Jim Bonewald

29 Todd Littleton

30 Benjamin Sternke

31 Darryl Dash and Adam J. Copeland

November (or sometime thereafter) Bloggers

Zach Roberts

Len Hjalmarson

Rebecca Matheson

Nate Hulfish

Date TBA

Lisa Delay

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