Helping Readers Use Social Networking Tools

Here are a few ways that readers can use online social networking tools to spread the word about your book.

I’ll be asking readers of Coffeehouse Theology to do at least one of these:

  • Write a Review…
  • Write a brief review at,,, and These aren’t exactly “social networks,” but these reviews are sitting right at the point of sale, which is a tremendous tool if enough readers share their thoughts.
  • Post a review to your blog (looking to start a blog? Visit to set up a free account)
  • Add it to your Facebook profile
    • Add it to your book list
    • Add it to your Visual bookshelf or other book application. Share a brief review there.
    • Join the Coffeehouse Theology group
    • Post a link to the book’s page
  • Add it to your MySpace profile
  • Add it to your online library such as Library Thing or Shelfari
  • There are plenty of other tools out there that authors themselves can use, but as far as what readers can do, these are all simple ways they can talk back via reviewing and help spread the word of your book.