Southshire Pepperpot: New, Improved, and Ready to Ship

After hitting some snags with our previous publisher, the Southshire Pepper-Pot has been released again with Lions Mark Press. It has some awesome features, such as a real ISBN number now!!!

The Pepper-Pot is a collection of fantastic short stories and recipes by a group of Vermont writers. I was lucky enough to join them and pitch my story into the mix called “A Bittersweet Land.”

And if you aren’t convinced by one of the contributors saying you should check it out, have a gander at a few reviws from

“Southshire Pepper-Pot is a tasty book, filled with delicious stories to be munched on slowly with a glass of wine. This is just the kind of book I love to discover and savor with recipes that top off a full-course meal of literary victuals”

Bill Morgan, Beat Chronicler and author of I Celebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Alllen Ginsberg and Howl on Trial: The Battle for Free Expression –Bill Morgan, author

“Southshire Roundtable has given us a tasty literary treat, a rich menu of deliciously seasoned prose and poetry that will satisfy the appetite of all who enjoy a good read. The short stories are delicious tales inhabited by people we immediately empathize with as well as by unique characters who appeal to our fascination with the strange and mysterious. The essays too are remarkably diverse nostalgic pieces about local places served side by side with insightful accounts of such faraway locations as the Middle East and Key West. The talented writers represented here are proof positive that literature of the first order is alive and well in our area.”

Lea Newman, Bennington, Vermont; Professor Emerita, MCLA and author of Robert Frost: the People, Places and Stories behind his New England Poetry and Growing Up Italian in Chicago –Lea Newman, Professor Emerita, MCLA

One thought on “Southshire Pepperpot: New, Improved, and Ready to Ship

  1. Hi Ed,

    I was a panelist on the Poets &
    Writers weekend in Manchester.

    I read that “Southshire Pepperpot”
    has been improved and is ready to ship. May I inquire as to whether
    Lions Mark Press is handling the
    order fulfillment of the book?
    If you do not have an order fulfillment company, I would be
    very interesting in setting up an
    appointment to discuss your plans for order fulfillment with you.

    Sue Leonard
    Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC
    Bondville, VT 05340


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