Working to Spread the Word

The New York Times has an article titled “Selling Yourself, in a Good Way,” that is essential for every writer and other freelancer to read. Marci Alboher shares her revelation: “I realized that if I did not convey passion and pride about my ideas, how could anyone else?”

While some may worry about promoting themselves for fear of appearing prideful or full of themselves, Alboher shares a conversation in which a self-promotion expert shares, “But if someone says you are good at self-promotion, why is that any different than saying, ‘You’re a wonderful writer’ or, ‘You look terrific’? It probably means that they know what it is that you’re doing and that you’ve done it in an interesting and compelling way.”

Communicating a clear, thought-provoking message is the goal of every author and artist. When we are confident in our work and truly believe others would enjoy it, then we should feel free to send out e-mail updates, hand out business cards, and get our names on web sites and any other place where the public may look.