Why You Need a Google Account

Aside from the possibility that Google is gradually taking over the world, I am greatly indebted to this rapidly expanding company due to the various benefits of a Google account. In fact, my productivity at home, work, and personal business pursuits has been revolutionized by simply signing up for Gmail when it first came out. What started as a tentative jump on a fad has quickly spread to my entire life.

For starters, the best thing Google offers is e-mail through Gmail. Gmail has a smart and simple interface, grouping e-mails into conversations, so a series of e-mails appear together. The editor has all of the features basic e-mail requires, the spam filter is 99.99% effective, and it offers a search feature that is still the only way I can find most of my passwords. Storage is lavish, sent messages are saved, and older messages can be archived: what more can one desire?

Closely integrated with Gmail is Google’s calendar feature. Events can be listed as one-time or recurring, and have a reminder option that shoots an e-mail off at the time specified by the user. Just about any religion or nation’s holidays can be displayed as well. The share feature is a nice way to keep in touch with family, friends, and co-workers, especially when the calendar is embedded into a web site or blog.

Word processing and spreadsheets are also included in a Google account, and can be accessed online simply by logging in to one’s account. Most of the features from Microsoft Office and Open Office are present, and just like the calendars these documents are open for collaboration and viewing by other users.

The list of benefits continues with Blogger for a free blog, a free web site under the Google domain, and a customizable home page that can display Gmail the inbox, RSS feeds, weather, and the day’s news. 

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  1. The funk’s yo brother! Google is great, but I think it is taking over the world…..

    He who has the information has the power! And power corrupts, so information=corruption!



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