Incarnation Instant Breakfast

The popularity of low carb diets has caused a sales slump at breakfast giant Sunrise Foods, leading to an exploration of alternative breakfast markets. Incarnation Instant Breakfast is the newest line of breakfast bars from Sunrise targeting the Christian segment of the market.

A doughy breakfast bar with a grape filling, the bar is modeled on the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples. This meal, involving the breaking of bread and the drinking of wine, is enacted by some Christians once a week and by others once a month with wafers or bread and sometimes with wine or grape juice.

“This breakfast bar is the perfect snack for busy Christians on the go who need more time in the morning for Bible study and prayer,” commented Seth Fillings, the CEO of Sunshine Foods. “They can just grab a bar, break it, and have a ‘holy wholesome snack,’ as we like to say.”

A market analysis of local pastors has yielded positive results thus far. John Thompson, pastor of Western Mountain View Christian Center in Colorado Springs, received a case of the Incarnation bars. “My kids loved them, but got a little carried away with the breaking of the bread bit. They made a real mess of my car on their way to school.”

Fillings’ vision for the Incarnation bar goes beyond breakfast. “There are thousands of churches with volunteers spending countless hours on communion preparation. They have to purchase bread, break it, pour the wine or juice, and then clean everything afterwards. Now consider this: Incarnation bars are passed out in a few minutes and the wrappers are just tossed in the trash. Think of all the good these people can do when they are freed from preparing and cleaning up communion.”

The vision for the Incarnation bars is immense at this point. “I’d love to also partner this bar with a bestselling Christian inspirational book,” shared Fillings. Though he has approached several popular church leaders about endorsing the bars, no deals have been inked so far.

Incarnation bars will be available in grocery stores and in elect churches this summer.