Chiselville 2.19.07

We pick up with Chuck and Melinda at the Chamber of Commerce Office:

Looking up from the empty glass, Melinda raised her voice so Chuck could hear her in the next office over, “How about we go out for a drink once we close up? I’ll pick up dinner after that.”

“I don’t know Mel, I get tired of sipping overpriced drinks at dimly lit bars.”

“We could stop by the Chinese place. They have spotlights all over the bar.”

“Right, and smell that nasty raw fish,” said Chuck.

“Alright,” replied Melinda, “No bar tonight. I can’t wait until that café opens in town. Maybe I can at least drag you there.”

“Oh, the one run by the flatlander,” said Chuck with a snicker.

“At least he’s got a nice location.”

“Look, he doesn’t understand Vermont, not to mention the people of Chiselville. He’ll be lucky to make a nickel off the place. I give him 9 months.”

“Oh Chuck, don’t say that.”

“Alright, alright, I give him a year and my best wishes that he has a lot of cash in the bank or a rich, childless uncle on life support.”