A New, New Series I Call Chiselville

I had a false start this week. I began writing a series of posts that were aiming to become a mini-novel on this blog. Yet, after mulling things over for a few days, I decided to create a slightly different story that I think will fit my purposes perfectly. Same plan, different material.

I’m calling it Chiselville for now, though the final product will probably be something like: How Melinda Saved the Chiselville Cafe. Our protagonist is a man named Tom who opens an ill-conceived cafe in a town that couldn’t care less about it. Tom’s dull wits lead to a series of circumstances that turn the entire town against the cafe. Only Melinda, the energetic wife of the president of the chamber of commerce can save Tom and his tiny cafe.

We’ll see how things shape up. I’m not sure how well blogs are suited for stories like this. For now I’ll publish it under the Chiselville category and also date the title of each entry from here on.

I hope you enjoy reading it at least half as much as I enjoy writing it.