Review of Google Calendar

googlecalendarI just began using Google Calendar this week and have pratically driven my wife crazy with my excitement. The beauty of Google calendar is two-fold, but there are many other parts that are good-looking as well.

Nevertheless, the two best parts are: it can be accessed anywhere and it can send reminders to your gmail account. This is what makes it truly useful. I check my gmail often, but would not always think to pull up the calendar. Also, I’m on 2-3 different computers in the course of a day, so it’s essential to have the calendar online.

Google has cleverly set their accounts up so that a gmail account unlocks the door to all of the google services. This calendar is just another one of the nice tools you can use with gmail.

Another nice feature is “event sharing.” The Google Calendar site says,
“If your website mentions events – including reservations, appointments and shows – Google Calendar can help you stay on people’s radar. You can let people quickly add single events from your site to their calendars, or list public events you want people to be able to search for within Google Calendar.”

googlecalThey even have buttons that you can place on your site and program with the relevant information about the event. By simply clicking on the button, friends and family can add that event to their own Google calendars.

So I’m sold, though there surely are other worthy calendars out there. If you have not made the switch to gmail and want to give it a go, just post a comment and I’ll send you an invitation.

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