Take It Personal Days

Employee Handbook Section 8.II.D.3.b.iv.

Take It Personal Days

From time to time conflicts may threaten the strategic effectiveness of the staffing resources. Should team members become entangled in such an inconvenient circumstance we offer “Take It Personal Days.” Implementing time away from the source of conflict will sufficiently diffuse all unwanted repurcussions from internal team member dissatisfaction.

Since insults and offenses typically proceed from the top of the strategic leadership paradigm, the following scale will be utilized in distributing “take it personal days”:

Executives: one day
Managers: two days
Engineers: three days
Marketing staff: three days
Accounting staff: four days
Clerks, secretaries, mail room: five days

Such a structure will create a healthy office family and will diffuse all undesired conflict while enabling executives and managers to justify demeaning and unjust treatment of team members. We believe that “Take It Personal Days” are the most efficient way to strategically eliminate employee dissatisfaction while maintaining existing paradigms and practices.

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