Kelly "Stranded" Road

This sounds like a rough night. At least the town of Sunderland did their best to warn those involved.

The Bennington Banner reports that a couple went off the road while traveling on Kelly Stand rd. at 6:30 pm on Tuesday. The article mentions that the husband in the car had a broken leg prior to going off the road. This left the wife to travel 13 miles down the road for help.

They needed a heck of a lot of help to get themselves out and you can be sure they will get slapped with a really steep bill. I am curious what possessed them to go over Kelly Stan rd. after a snow storm dropped a ton of snow up in the mountains. Route 11/30 gets the job done and is a lot faster, even if it’s a bit round about. Even at this time of the year, Kelly Stand road has some really thick ice on some sharp turns with steep drops. They are probably kicking themselves right now. At least they made it out of the mess in good shape, if not a bit more poor.

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