Directories are out. Tags are in.

I have my web sites listed in a number of online directories either for blogs or web pages. You can find them at the bottom of the right column. One of my frustrations has been with the difficulty of categorizing my web sites. Is this a writing site? yes. Non-profit site? yes. Photography, web tips, volunteer tips, administrative tips, Vermont news, open source tips? yes.

So I’m happy to hear about a new way of keeping track of web sites. Tagging has become the new way to go about this. By simply attaching a tag from a site such as Technorati, you can be found based on your content, and specific content can be accessed immediately.

An exampe of this system will be started by the directory: blogs4god. They explain the way it all works on their site. I look forward to seeing how this catches on. If you’re not tagging your blog posts or web site, look into it. It takes a few seconds and will make your site easier to find.

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2 thoughts on “Directories are out. Tags are in.

  1. I certainly think it is worth registering with Technorati and putting a tag at the end of your blog posts. I think that tags make blogs easier to find. You can only have so many categories. Tags enable you to have unlimited categories and to be as specific as you like.

    There are some nice blog editing programs such as Ecto that have tagging built right in. If not, you can just keep a link in your bookmarks to this page:
    You need only paste in the html to the end of your link and then modify the two elements in brackets. It really doesn’t take much time and will make your blog more accesible.

    I have signed up for all kinds of directories, but only receive hits from Glob of Blogs. None of them come close though to Technorati.


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