What You Can Do With Blogs

While there are some really nice web sites out there with static designs, I am a big fan of web sites that change content often and offer more interaction. My experience consists of Nucleus, WordPress, and Typepad, but another popular program is Blogger. Though the standard Blogger designs are not much to look at, you can make some very nice looking sites with it.

And personal blogging aside, organizations can also use Blogger to make some very nice web sites. Jordon Cooper, whose blog I peruse daily, has a nice clean blog design that utilizes Blogger. He recommends a series of blogs/web sites by Pernell Goodyear. There’s his wife’s site, his church’s site, and his church’s blog.

I’ll have to start up my own blogger site in order to give it a review, but the price is right so far as I can see and it’s possible to customize it quite a bit.

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