Introducing the Bethany Network

I have decided to launch the Bethany Network, which can be found under the heading on this site: Bethany Net. Here’s a short introduction to this new kind of non-profit:

The Bethany Network

Promoting spiritual and physical wholeness.

  • Partnering with non-profits who provide essential social services. When we address physical needs, we open the door for spiritual healing to occur.
  • Providing free and lot cost administrative support such as creating flyers, newsletters, and web content.
  • Providing tips and reviews of books, software, movies and other products relevant to non-profit organizations.

Recharge, refocus, refresh

The Bethany Network is a different kind of non-profit. Working from the grass roots up, the Bethany Network seeks to support non-profits on a shoe-string through networking and an open source approach.

Read more about the Bethany Network and its services.