Blog Software Review (part one)

After a year of messing around with blogs, I have had a chance to work with some of the programs out there. My inamirrordimly blog uses Nucleus, but I also have been working with Typepad and WordPress. While a lot of people use typepad, it seems that WordPress has been gaining some momentum. Andrew Jones of told me that Typepad has had its day and that WordPress is on its way up. While I have enjoyed using Nucleus, Typepad and WordPress are a bit more accessible for the blogging novice. And here are a few thoughts along those lines.

I have had a Typepad blog since April of last year, while the WordPress thing is new to me as of this year. Though I could say a lot in comparison, here’s the short cut to my point: WordPress takes a little bit of time to learn and requires even a minimal knowledge of html code, but it’s free. Typepad is really easy to use and makes buidling links and editing your content really easy. The down side is that the extra convenience costs you $6 a month.

The thing is that both programs allow you to do basically the same things in their most basic versions. So if you can spend a little bit of time messing around with what works and what doesn’t, WordPress is for you. In addition, you can use WordPress for free if you don’t mind buying a domain name and having it hosted. You pay a little bit more, but then you have an incredible amoung of flexibility that equals the Typepad Pro option.

More to come, but that’s a start.

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