The Future of Blogs

CNET news has put together a list of articles relating to the future of blogs. Of particular interest is an interview of Mena Trott, one of the developers of Moveable Type, which powers the popular blog building program known as Typepad.

While I will provide some excerpts from from the interview further down, it’s also worth nothing that there is a review of Blogging For Dummies and NY Times article on blogging on the road. On now without further ado, here’s a look at the interview with Mena Trott.

While Mena sees blogs having a role that complements that of journalists, she sees the personal publishing end of blogs having a much more important role. This means that people will be documenting their entire lives on blogs, and there are implications for design, content accessibility, and other media options. Mena’s comments:
“What do you see as the next big issue in blog design?
We’ll focus on the idea of more select and filtered readership, and how to allow people to read certain posts. That to me is interesting: how different people want different views of the blog. A big issue right now is how to take that idea in account when designing blogs.

Another new challenge is the trend toward adding a lot of assets. People are adding photos, video, and music to supplement the text. How do you make it possible for bloggers to present as much as they want to present without creating blogs that are too cluttered or confusing?”

She goes on to say:

“Most people think of blogs as being primarily political or tech-focused. To most people, the important things they want to learn about have to do with people they know. So I think personal blogs are really the future, and with that comes a challenge for blogs to be more friendly and welcoming.

Also, blogs are all about capturing and preserving information about our lives. And that makes me think of what might be the biggest future blog-design challenge: How do we design blogs that will archive and present 20 years worth of content?”

Read the whole article.

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