English Teachers Band Together

I regularly attend a writing group on Tuesday evenings at a local bookstore. During that time we do creative writing exercises. I will be sharing the exercises as well as my own writing here for you to try out.

Writing Exercise: Write about a bracelet that is associated with a cause other than a disease. Allow yourself 10 minutes. If you’re brave, post it as a comment!

My exercise:

English teachers of all grade levels have taken to the halls of their repective schools with blue wrist bands. I an effort to raise grammar awareness, they chose blue to remind students of the markings that typically cover their essays and reports after grading.

“It was hard to settle on a color that matched everyone’s grading style. Some like red, others like purple, but blue seemed to be the choice of the majority,” commented Mrs. Semma, one of the campaigns organizers. “It’s a subtle reminder to the kids that grammar has a beauty all its own and should be valued,” she added.

Of particular concern to teachers is the effect that technology has had on the style and usage of their students. “With kids using Instant Messenger, e-mail, and grammar check,” remarked organizer Mr. Colin, “Kids can flagrantly ignore all of the rules of grammer. Does ‘LOL’ or ‘L8tr’ really pass as English?”

Bands can be purchased online at http://www.save-grammer.com. Don’t forget the dash in the name, all grammar is important.

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