Win a Copy of A Christian Survival Guide

A Christian Survival Guide

Paying for books is soooooooo last century. In fact, this week you have a chance to get three of my books totally for free.

Two books, The Coffeehouse Theology Bible Study Guide and A Path to Publishing are free eBooks on NoiseTrade Books. Just enter your email address and you can download them without paying a penny—although I wouldn’t stop you from tipping me a few bucks.

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Why would you want to win a copy of the Christian Survival Guide?

Well, for starters, I ask a lot of tough questions about the Christian faith for you—the questions that often lurk in the backs of our minds. These are the questions we hesitate to ask because we fear there won’t be an answer that will enable our faith to survive.

In A Christian Survival Guide I dig into all of the questions and issues that have threatened my faith over the years and have given trouble to friends and colleagues. It’s not a book with simple answers or doctrinal statements. It’s a book that will help readers think about their faith and take a next step with the most difficult topics.

Bible scholar and author Pete Enns wrote:

“How should Christians handle their doubts, discomfort over violence in the Bible, fears about the future, or a number of other troubling issues that just never seem to go away? A Christian Survival Guide takes by the throat many challenging topics for Christians today and provides encouraging and thought-provoking glimpses into a Biblical responses. Cyzewski doesn’t spell out all of the answers. Rather, in an easy-reading style, he helps fellow pilgrims ask better questions and take the next steps on their journey of faith.”

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