Write without Crushing Your Soul: Sustainable Publishing and Freelancing
by Ed Cyzewski

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Writing is a fulfilling and intensely personal profession that can prove demanding, demoralizing, and soul crushing for those unprepared for its ups and downs. Whether the stress or rigors of a major project invades family time or comparisons to successful colleagues leave us discouraged, writers of faith who invest in their work full time or part time need to plan ahead in order to create a healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable career.

Author Ed Cyzewski shares his ups and downs in freelance writing and book publishing in order to provide concrete practices, spiritual guidance, and career advice for both new and experienced writers hoping to improve their craft and invest in their work, while safeguarding the most important aspects of their lives.

Chapters include:
– Dealing with Adversity
– Writing that Serves God and Money?
– Saving Your Soul from Book Publishing
– Healthy Publicity Practices for Authors


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