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EdC200_thumb.jpgWith over a dozen years of experience in book publishing, blogging, editing, and website copywriting for organizations and individuals, I am available for long and short term freelance editing and writing work. I have been writing copy for websites since 2003 and writing for publication in print and online since 2005. I set my rates according to the industry standards in Writer’s Digest.

See below for more details about my experience. 

Contact me at edcyzewski(at)gmail(dot)com or fill in the form below:


For Book Publishing Clients

How I can help you:

  • Book proposal evaluation and feedback (nonfiction only, typically $250-$300)
  • Writing original book/eBook content for an organization or business.
  • Ghost writing for authors or business professionals.
  • Book development editing or proofreading.
  • eBook writing or publicity.
  • Print and eBook file creation for self-published/independent authors.

creating-space-angled-250My experience in book publishing

  • 2 Reviews of my work in Publisher’s Weekly (2008, 2014)
  • 3 Best-sellers in Amazon’s Kindle store (Creating Space; A Christian Survival Guide; Pray, Write, Grow)
  • 7 Commercially published books since 2008 (List on Amazon)
  • 5 Self-published titles since 2010
  • Majority of reviews are 4-5 stars

Previous Clients

cindy-brandt-profileCindy Brandt

Services Offered: Author coaching for six months. Developed a plan to increase networking on social media, edited a short eBook, set up an email list-building plan, and advised on book release and publicity in order to build a strong foundation for future book publishing.

“Having Ed as my writing coach was pivotal for my writing career. He helped me formulate a plan and focus not just on doing the right things, but the smart things. My writing became targeted and focused toward reaching my goals. I saved myself a lot of time and resources having his reasonable voice keeping me on track. His knowledge of the world of publishing is extensive and keeps a constant finger on the pulse of latest trends. His expertise channeled me toward the most authoritative and credible resources available, sifting out the noise and sparing me from scams and unrealistic up sells.

I went from knowing next to nothing about publishing to developing a steady pace of blogging, a sustainable social media strategy, a growing email list, and creating a quality e-book. Ed’s development and copy edits were invaluable, walking me through each process of book-writing, refining my ideas, correcting course when my thoughts were unclear, and making it clear of technical error.”

Sarah Bessey
Author of “Jesus Feminist” and “Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith”

“Every time someone asks me for direction with a book proposal or even publishing as a whole, I always send them to Ed. I have found him to be wise, insightful, knowledgable, and empowering. Of course he has a proven track record of success with authors but what I love most about Ed is how he truly has a heart for writers to thrive.”

Anne Bogel

Services Offered: Book proposal evaluation and edits.

“Ed is a pro, and he knows so darn much about publishing and the proposal process. I was thrilled that he could turn his critical eye to my proposal. He made specific, actionable suggestions on what needed improvement, and bolstered my confidence by pointing out what I’d actually done well. My final product was much better because of his work and I’m grateful for it.”

austin-channing-author-endorsementAustin Channing Brown

Services Offered: Author coaching that included reviewing multiple publishing options and their advantages/disadvantages, planned several eBooks for email list building, and reviewed long term sustainable plan for blog post writing.

“Ed has been an incredible help and encouragement to me in my writing life. He offered a number of resources as I pondered self-publishing and answered many questions I had about expanding my writing beyond my blog. Having Ed in my corner helped me get out of my head, and move forward my writing life with confidence.”

* * * * *

Website Writing and Content Marketing Clients

How I Can Help you

  • Researching and writing original website content to build SEO and authority.
  • Generate SEO-optimized, keyword-rich blog content.
  • Optimize existing website pages.


My Experience in Website Writing and Content Marketing

  • Website content writing since 2003.
  • Blogging since 2005 on multiple platforms.
  • My theology blog consistently listed in top 200 Christian blogs before closing in 2014.
  • Blog posts for current client’s products dominate Google’s front page search results.
  • Editing in basic HTML, CSS, and CMS, including WordPress, Typepad, and SquareSpace.


Sample of Previous Content Marketing Report
Why Online Giving Works for Churches


Samples of  Previous Website Content Projects

“I stumbled upon Ed while looking for a highly motivated, smart writer to handle client work for our agency. I’ve not been disappointed. Ed was able to onboard quickly, understand the client’s business, and grasp the tone that we needed to embody. If you’re looking for a writer to take the initiative and create consistently great content, connect with Ed.”

-Jake Kaufman (Adept Marketing)


“Ed is an accomplished freelance writer, editor, and coach, and his work has benefited me greatly. While acting as a social media manager for A Deeper Story, I got to know Ed in a collaborative context, and I found him to be skilled, knowledgable, and generous. People and orgs in the publishing space, and anyone who is on the writing journey, would do well to hire and learn from Ed.

– Zach Hoag (Author and Digital Content Manager)


brian rasmussen profile

“Ed offers a lot of value with his service – ideas, enthusiasm, and energy. He is patient, has great communication, and is very responsive – all in all a professional.”

Brian Rasmussen (Owner Saturn Coast Technologies)

* * * * *

Additional Samples of My Work

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Ten Lessons from a Year of Magazine Writing
How to Write a First Draft of a Book

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Creating Space (Amazon)
A Path to Publishing (sample)
Coffeehouse Theology (sample)

Saint Paul’s Church Newsletter
Book Release Newsletter
Book Promotion E-Mail



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Taylor University: B.A. English Literature and Biblical Literature
Biblical Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity

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